Valve-and-cam machines may rule the results columns at the races, but when it comes time for some pure moto fun, it's hard to beat a premix-burning bike. With older two-stroke restorations being all the rage these days, plus the current crop of offerings from Husqvarna, KTM, and Yamaha, we thought we'd reflect on the best bolt-on accessories we've ever come across for two-strokes, aside from aftermarket exhaust systems, which are no-brainers.

Uni Filter Dual-Stage Air Filter | $30.95 | $30.95

Benefits: Improved throttle response, greater peak horsepower

Years ago, Uni Filter advertised that installing one of its dual-stage filters increased peak power by one full horsepower on a 250cc two-stroke. We dyno tested it … it does!

Moto Tassinari VForce4 | $143.99

Benefits: Improved throttle response, more power throughout rpm range, greater durability

The VForce4 provides double the reed petal surface area than the stock reed valve, and this results in greater airflow that in turn yields more power.

Boyesen Supercooler | $189.95 & Up | $170.95

Benefits: Cooler operating temperatures, more power

A cooler-running bike produces more power and lasts longer, and the Boyesen Supercooler is one of the best investments you can make on any bike.

iBooster Spark Amplifier | $98.99

Benefits: Snappier throttle response, cleans up jetting, improved low-end power

The iBooster is installed between your coil and spark plug cap. It lengthens and intensifies your spark plug's spark, and the improvement on a two-stroke is incredible.