Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Valencia CA – Nexis Innovative Technologies LLC, is proud to announce the launch of their men's and women's underwear line. is an exciting new line of underwear that is crafted in the USA and uses only the finest flannels, cottons, and microfibers to create exceptional clothing that is guaranteed to last. will begin production in early summer.

President and CEO of Nexis, Geoff Patterson says, " We wanted to create a line of clothing that focuses on comfort, style, and durability. We also decided early on that we were only going to manufacture our products in the US. There's a sense of pride that goes along with making things in the USA, not to mention a much higher level of quality" will begin marketing their products worldwide through on January 28, 2014. Co-Founder Gil Goren states that, " has helped many companies grow by allowing them the platform to not only market their products or creations, but to also create a revenue stream from supporters pledges. It's a very exciting way to begin to build a brand." has begun manufacturing both flannel and cotton boxers and is now in the prototype phase of creating a microfiber boxer brief designed specifically for motorcycle riders. Geoff Patterson is quick to point out that, " Since we are heavily involved in the SX/MX world, we thought it only fitting to look to the rider to see what they want in clothing. We are currently working with many top SX riders to provide them with the best products we can create." Patterson goes on to say, "Right now we are taking specific measurements for each rider and providing them with handmade briefs designed exclusively for them. Mike Collier, President of Fineline Clothing Manufacturing, has been around racing for 30 years. His son Sean Collier is a Pro SX/MX rider, so he is no stranger to knowing what a rider needs. The partnership with Fineline is an essential part of because we can design, prototype, and create a product to have it on a rider in less than a week. I am not aware of many other clothing companies that can make that claim!"

Look for to begin its ad campaigns early next week. Like them on Instagram and Twitter @hotboxersco to look into their current contests. And be sure to stop by to see all the really cool rewards that are available. Patterson wraps up with, "Thank you for your support, and we'll see you at the races!"