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Hunter Yoder has been making a name for himself in the amateur ranks and his speed hasn’t gone unnoticed. At the 2017 Monster Energy Cup, Yoder was under the Amsoil/Factory Connection/Honda canopy for the first time publicly. In addition to being backed by factory support, Yoder will ride the unique CRF150R, which the team has taken even a step further with all sorts of custom parts and even fuel injection. Hunter is set to race the bike at the Mini Major, and we wanted to get his thoughts on the new bike and team ahead of the upcoming event.

What are your thoughts on riding a CRF150R so far? How does it compare to a two-stroke?
It has a lot of power and a lot of torque on the bottom end. It's an amazing bike, you can see all of the work that they put into it. There are countless hours put into this bike and it's awesome to ride. I can't wait to start racing it.

You're not racing at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup, but what has your experience been so far attending this race and hanging out with your team?
It's really cool. I get to see behind the scenes and watch everybody working together. All of the riders are here together and I get to be under the tent with them. It's really cool to see everybody. Jo Shimoda is putting in work and Carson Mumford would have been out there had he not broken his collarbone.

Are you looking forward to getting to race the Monster Energy Cup next year?
Yeah, I can't wait! I haven't trained necessarily. I've only ridden Supercross a little bit to get some practice with it. I can't wait for next year. I haven't even ridden this bike on a Supercross track, but I'm looking forward to it because the bike has a lot of power and I think I'll be able to do some bigger stuff.

When will we start seeing you racing with your new team?
We're not quite sure yet, I might do Mini O's, but I might not. It depends on how I feel on the bike. We'll for sure try to do Oak Hill and Freestone. I think I can give you a solid yes to those two.

You're also looking at doing the Mini Major coming up in a few weeks, what are your thoughts on that event?
Mini Major is really cool. It's pretty much a National. Obviously, it's a local race, but there are still a lot of fast guys there. It's cool that it's just kids. None of these races are centered around kids, so it's really cool for TransWorld Motocross to step up and actually put together a race like that. It's cool because most kids are still learning how to ride and if they go to race that only their friends will be at, they might be more open to going.

Do you think it's a more comfortable event being that it's all kids?
It's definitely good, especially for the little kids.