Ian Trettel Update

Here’s the newest bit of information we found on Ian Trettel. His brother, Zep, posted this on Facebook yesterday.

“Folks – I’m Ian’s older brother Zep (Joe Jr) and I’m also a brain doctor by training, in route to Daytona now to be with Ian and my parents. I am going to post some info here periodically to keep all of you informed because I know there is much legitimate concern about Ian right now.

First off I’d like to say tha…t he needs your best wishes right now. He remains in a medically-induced coma and will be for several days. The rationale behind the come is to keep the degee of brain swelling to a minimum – to keep the metabolic demands of his brain as low as possible. The next 48 hours are critical; he had a good night last night and this morning showed no additional signs of brain edema. Very positive indeed! The velocity of the impact was enough to cause some bleeding in the brain, which ia a serious concern. Right now he is in stable but critical condition. By the end of the week we should have a better grip on how well he will do in terms of prognosis.

It goes without saying that this is a very serious injury but we have good reason to remain hopeful and cautiously optimistic – as many of you know Ian is a bright, healthy and motivated kid and we all love and care for him tremendously. Th…e staff at Halifax is doing exactly what needs to be done to ensure he has the best outcome possible. At this point, your best wishes and prayers are needed. We will remain by Ian’s side, with him and supporting him.

The road ahead is difficult if not impossible to predict this early but again, we have good reason to be hopeful. The next 2 days are huge – yours thoughts and concerns are welcome and myself and the medical staff at Hailfax will be doing all that we can to get him into the recovery phase ASAP.”

Please keep Ian Trettel in your thoughts.