Inside Ken Roczen’s Life | #LIFEOF94 – EP: 4

Ken Roczen gets some new ink at Hart & Huntington in Orlando, Florida.

It's not easy becoming a champion. Sacrifices need to be made to obtain such goal, and until you see the results, you question yourself why you even put yourself through such pain. For Ken Roczen, a jump into the premiere class meant a longer, more exhaustive schedule, and his body needed to keep up with such demands. So, it was announced in late 2013 that he would team up with the highly recognized Aldon Baker. For Roczen, the sacrifices were made, and in the end, he was rewarded with the 2014 450 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross championship in his rookie year.

For us, we were curious to see as to what exactly goes on behind the scenes in Clermont, Florida. Graciously, Roczen invited us out to his Florida home, and honestly, his daily routine is exhausting to watch. From sun up to sun down, there's a team of highly qualified individuals that surround the young German, making sure that he's getting the most out of his body and bike.

This is Ken Roczen's life. This is #lifeof94.

Hart & Huntington and Ink Masters Ryan Eternal put Roczen through a solid hour of pain, but the end result was worth it.

In this episode of #lifeof94, we head to Hart & Huntington Tattoo in Orlando, Florida, with Roczen to get some fresh ink. After an hour of pain and suffering, Kenny had a piece along the side of his ribcage displaying three important dates for him: the World Championship title, 250 Supercross title, and his latest achievement—his 450 National title.

Also, a special thanks to Ryan Eternal and Chris Turck for letting us bring in our cameras and filming all of the action!

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Inside Ken Roczen’s Life | #LIFEOF94 – EP: 4