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EPISODE ONE | Jeremy McGrath & Ricky Carmichael
EPISODE TWO | Jeff Emig, Phil Lawrence & Bob Hannah
EPISODE THREE | Jeff Ward & Johnny O’Mara

Few know the ins and outs of motocross like Kenny Watson. Over the past two decades he’s worked a number of roles, like mechanic/brand manager/team manager, and now Vegas K-Dub is ready to take on a new venture with his podcast titled “Inside The Rut.” Some of the sports biggest names are set to take the mic with Watson to discuss their storied careers over the next few weeks, and the fifth episode of many has just been released.

The latest installment features talks with Ivan Tedesco, Ryan Hughes, and Brian Berry. You can hear episode five by subscribing to the channel via iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

EPISODE FIVE iTUNES | Ivan Tedesco, Ryan Hughes & Brian Berry