Interview with On Track Creations

Owner/operator Jesse Milley has 12 years of heavy equipment operating experience and over 20 years of motocross racing experience, so he knows his way around a motocross track, both on a tractor and a dirt bike. Jesse formed On Track Creations(OTC) in 2002 and since then, the company’s clientele has grown exponentially. Southern Supercross Park, Area 51 Motocross, and Millcreek are just a few tracks that have been designed and built by OTC. More recently, OTC has inked a deal with the newly formed Atomic Racing Team, headed by top 10 AMA supercross racer, Paul Carpenter.

How did you get into the business of building tracks?
It all started in 1997. A local practice track that my buddies and I grew up riding at was owned by a friend of mine. He would always get a dozer out there a couple of times a year to fix up the track. He really didn’t like doing the dozer work so I begged him to let me give it a shot and he did. The first time he let me run it I stayed out there till like midnight with the lights on just pushing away, only to wake up to one big mess! I learned allot at that old track. From there I began building some of the local race, and private tracks in New York. I did that for a few years before I realized that this would be something I could make a living at. From that point on I started doing a little advertising on the internet which in return started getting us more work out of town. Through this whole process I had a full time job at various construction companies which definitely held me back a bit. I was always juggling riding/racing, “real work”, and track building.

What’s the process like to design and build a track?
Well it all starts with a contract between OTC and the client. After that stuff is handled we will set a date to start the project. When we show up we walk the site with the owner/rider and get a feel for what type of track he’s looking for. We also give them our input on what we think would be good for them. After that we do some layout and start throwing dirt around. As we build we keep in constant communication with the client to make sure there 100% happy with the product. OTC prides itself on personalized service. When you hire us you get me onsite from start to finish. 3-5 days later you have the track of your dreams in your backyard.

When you’re building a Supercross track for somebody like Paul Carpenter, does he give you an actual design of what he wants, or do the two of you collaborate on ideas and go from there?
A little bit. Mainly its what I want to build him. When you build tracks for guy’s like Paul you can really get creative. They will find a way to jump stuff that most people think couldn’t be done. The pro tracks are the most fun to build for sure.

Is there anything specific that you do to separate your track creations from something we might see at a local track, or Supercross track?
Our tracks are built to be fun, safe, and challenging. Not that local tracks are not but I’ve been places before where the guy running the dozer has never ridden a bike before, and he gets paid all week to make stuff flat. How do you expect him to know how to make a jump? If its a private track it is built specifically toward your ability and then some so you have room to excel and become a better rider.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the next few years?
We really want to continue our national growth. We have been trying to get to as many races as possible just to show our faces and let people know were out there.. I believe our work speaks for itself, its just a matter of getting people to see it, ride it ,and talk about it. Motocross is a small community and word of mouth goes a long way.

Are there any specific riders out there whom you would like to work with?
We are looking to build long term relationships with riders, and provide a personalized service that they can depend on. Any of the top pro’s and am’s, guys like Stewart, Reed, Millsap’s, Larson, Barcia, Trettel etc. etc. A lot of these guys think there’s only one or two guy’s who can build them a good track. All I can say is give us a shot and see how you feel. I guarantee we can do what anyone else can and then some.

What’s more difficult to build: a Supercross track, or an outdoor track?
Supercross is definitely harder. Everything is so tight that it makes it harder to maneuver equipment in between the jumps and stuff. These guy’s are risking life and limb out there, they don’t want to worry about if your takeoff’s not built right. It has to be perfect. Outdoor tracks just give you a lot more room to work which makes it easier.