Introducing The LP1 Pro Tray

The LP1 Pro Tray is a viable component to your up keep repertoire. By simply slipping the LP1 PRO TRAY on to the rear fender your bike becomes a workbench, complete with every tool and chemical for the task at hand. Specific slots, perfectly fitted for T-Handles, screwdrivers, and other tools keep them close at hand while the basin of the tray holds every nut and bolt in place with it's non-slip surface.

This American made product is created with quality 5052 aluminum and features a lifetime warranty on all metal parts. The LP1 Pro Tray is designed to conform to the needs of the five major OEs. The Pro Tray slips on with ease, and will NOT FALL OFF.
This is an awesome tool tray when you're working on the bike.

When the LP1 Pro Tray is mounted to the rear fender, the Pro Tray will not contact your graphics. You're able to remove the seat without removing the Pro Tray. You have full access under the rear fender for any work needed. This tray will hold Five Tee Handle Wrench's, 14,12,10,8 mm sockets, seat bolts, screwdrivers, and a little bit of everything. The two large holes on the top tray are for aerosol cans; the two small holes are for the front and rear axles. Also when the Pro Tray is stored on its wall mount bracket, the tray will accommodate Three aerosol cans.
Once again this is Hand Built in the U.S.A. and comes with a lifetime warranty
This is an Outstanding Tool Tray with a tremendous amount of research and development. THE LP1 PRO TRAY WORKS……

The LP 1 Pro Tray is available at for $89.95, and can be purchased with all major credit cards. For a limited time, all orders ship for free and come with a complementary can of Spectro Zinc Clean chain lube.

About Us

The LP1 Pro Tray was the vision of Lou Pecora, a longtime racer and Mechanic/Designer. The tray has been researched, designed, and built in the United States and comes with everything you need. For more information, check out