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JW12 Details His MCR Deal

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Last Friday afternoon MotoConcepts Honda announced their rider roster for the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series, which includes a¬†new addition¬†with Jake Weimer. Last-minute fill-in rides with RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing and AutoTrader/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki kept Weimer on the track in the last few seasons, but this news means he will have the entire offseason to prepare with the MotoConcepts crew. We spent a few minutes on the phone with Weimer after his first “real” day of riding the bike and learned more about the new deal.

The news dropped on Friday that you’ll be with MotoConcepts for next year. When did you start working on this deal and when was it finalized?

The first phone call was maybe two months ago. I talked to them initially and I signed the contract two or three weeks before it came out. Tony has called me in the last few years and I’ve talked to him a handful of times, but obviously, we never got anything done then. He called me again this year and I started talking to him, I talked with Mike Genova, and I called Justin Brayton. I asked Tony if I could ride the bike and he said yeah, so I rode it on a Saturday during one of the Nationals. Since I rode the bike, I talked to them every day until we got it done.

What were your initial thoughts on the bike? You probably hadn’t ridden the 2017 Honda at all until then.

No, I hadn’t. After I rode the bike, I called them every day to get it done. I rode it and liked it. I had talked to Tony and Mike Genova at length and was all-in. At that point, I really wanted to do it and did everything I could to get the deal done.

I’m stoked on it. I love the way the chassis feels and the motor is incredible. For the chassis, it has a smaller feel to it which I am a fan of. I like it, but I haven’t really tested or anything like that. For now, I will ride outdoors for a couple of weeks and then we’ll jump into Supercross sometime in early September.

With everything going on, have you rode the bike much since that initial test?

I rode it that one day, just to see how it was. It took another week or so to get it done, so they wanted me to wait to ride until everything was finished, which is understandable. From that point, we waited until the press release came out. I rode it today for the second time at Milestone.

Mike and Tony have made a decision to get away from the way the team was once perceived. Is that one of the reasons you wanted to be with them? Now they have Honda’s support and have buttoned everything up well.

Everyone that has been around has watched the team build and in the last few years, you can see the effort that has gone into making it a great team. They had a solid year with Brayton last year and the Honda support is stepping up, so obviously, I’m brand new to all of it. in the conversations with Tony and Genova they are making a huge push to be one of the major teams. All of my dealings with them have been good and they made it easy on me. After riding the bike, I think that it is competitive and I’m excited about it.

The team always has a gear set up for every rider, so will you be included in that or are you free to do your own deal?

I get to do my own gear and to my knowledge, everyone gets to do their own.

This has been a good summer for you. It looks like you’ve had fun with your family and most importantly, you’re not injured or recovering from something.

It’s nice. I had a good summer, but I have to say that the most exciting thing about it is that I have a deal finished in August. I know what I’m doing and it’s been a long time since I’ve been in that situation. That’s a stress release in itself because I have a plan. It’s nice to go through the Supercross season and then take a step back to spend time with the family. All in all, I’m in a good spot and am happy. I’m stoked about what is going on right now.

After this time off, when will you ramp up your training program?

All summer I’ve ridden my road bicycle or a motorcycle, but I wouldn’t say that I did anything consistently. Because today was the first official day of riding with the team, I’ll ease back into it with three or four days of riding, some bicycle riding, and going to the gym. Once we get onto Supercross in September, that’s when the hammer will come down for Monster Energy Cup. But for now, we will take it slow and get everything to come back.