Jason Lawrence Released From Jail

TransWorld Motocross got word from the staff at No Fear MX this morning that former Western Region Supercross Lites Champion Jason Lawrence was set to be released from jail sometime today, December 24. We followed up with a phone call to Lawrence’s agent, Scott “Hollywood” Sepkovic of Crown Athlete Management, and confirmed that Lawrence is indeed scheduled to be released tonight after serving four months of his one-year sentence. “I was set to attend the hearing at 1:30 p.m. today, but the judge wanted to get the ball rolling earlier so that the staff could go home early for Christmas Eve,” said Sepekovic. “So as far as I know, the ruling was made this morning and we are just waiting for all of the paperwork and formalities to be wrapped up. Jason should be with his family and friends on Christmas Day, which is the best gift of all.”

Stay tuned to TransWorldMX.com and NoFearMX.com for an exclusive interview with Lawrence, early next week.