Jason Thomas Update

BTO Sports/BBMX/Palmetto Sports rider Jason Thomas was injured in a crash with James Stewart during the main event at the Houston Supercross last weekend. Several laps into the main event, Stewart came into contact with the rear of Thomas’ bike in a tricky rhythm section, causing the two riders to crash off the side of the track. Internet message boards have lit up with criticism about Stewart’s riding, so we decided to check in with JT$ himself, not only to see how he’s doing, but to get his take on the crash, as well.

“My knee is pretty swollen, but I’m not sure yet how bad it is,” said Thomas. “If it’s still jacked up, I might skip San Diego and try to make it back for the Atlanta SX. It all depends on how it feels on Friday, I guess.”

When questioned about the crash, Thomas said, “It was more a racing incident than anything. Mike Alessi bumped me and I screwed up that section, and I assume James thought I had gone already. If I had hit the section perfectly, I don’t know if anything would have changed, but it would have been close. He obviously didn’t mean to. In hindsight, it may not have been the best decision to try and pass me in that spot, but I understand him wanting to get towards the front as soon as possible. It was just a bad deal for everyone.”


Thomas is currently in Florida, at, “CR22/Byrner26 Rehad, LLC,” trying to get better. Get well soon, JT$!