Jay Marmont Wins at Australasian Supercross

The Australasian SuperX Series has been absolutely dominated by Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki’s Chad Reed this season. As Reed accounts for about 50 percent of the promoting partnership of the championship series, he has successfully utilized his celebrity to help promote the series while simultaneously training for the upcoming AMA Supercross Series. So, it has been no surprise that Reed has won every moto he’s lined up for; that is, until this past weekend.

Round six of the SuperX Series played host to a unique man v. man elimination format as well as welcomed Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath as a competitor. Before the gates dropped, most probably bet on McGrath and Reed squaring off against each other in the final, but to everyone’s surprise, neither racer made it past their semi final. Instead Jay Marmont picked off Reed in their head-to-head semi and Daniel McCoy edged out McGrath in theirs.

At the end of the night, it was Marmont who took the overall and kept his championship hopes alive heading into the seventh round.

Super X Top ten results;
1 Jay Marmont, 25
2 Daniel McCoy, 22
3 Chad Reed, 20
4 Jeremy McGrath, 18
5 Brent Landman, 14
6 Gianni Dalle Molle, 14
7 Cheyne Boyd, 14
8 Troy Carroll, 14

Super X Top five championship standings;
1 Chad Reed, 145
2 Jay Marmont, 131
3 Cheyne Boyd, 101
4 Daniel McCoy, 99
5 Troy Carroll, 88

Super X Lites top ten results
1 Tye Simmonds, 25
2 Matt Moss, 22
3 Ryan Marmont, 20
4 Joshua Cachia, 18
5 Todd Waters, 16
6 Matt Ryan, 15
7 Dean Ferris, 14
8 Danny Anderson, 14
9 Luke Davis, 13
10 Louis Calvin, 12

Super X Lites top five championship standings;
1 Matt Moss, 141
2 Tye Simmonds, 99
3 Ryan Marmont, 94
4 Luke George, 90
5 Danny Anderson, 82

Australasian Freestyle Motocross Championship results;
1 Levi Sherwood, 25
2 Cam Sinclair, 22
2 Kain Saul, 22

Australasian Freestyle Motocross Championship standings;
1 Levi Sherwood, 117
2 Kain Saul, 108
3 Cam Sinclair, 92