Jeff Kargola had a serious accident in San Felipe Mexico while pre-running for the Baja 1000 this weekend. He notified us through Ryan Hagy and the emergency plan was put into motion. Through the help of the AFMXA, Jeff was medivaced via our medjet assist program to Scripps Mercy in SD where he is currently being treated. He suffered broken ribs, internal bleeding and a severe concussion. They performed an exploratory surgery to assess his internal injuries.

They’ve concluded that Jeff had an insession on his intestine, some hemotomas  and bruising on his stomach. The doctor said he was very lucky with the location on his intestine,as it was close to something major. He’s in recovery and will be at Scripps for the next four days, and then at home for recovery for a month or so. Christi, Jeff’s sister is with him and will let us know how things are going.

We will update you as we learn more.

Get well soon, Ox!