JGR Yamaha’s Clarification on “Cycle News” Article

Coy Gibbs, Team owner: "The opinions expressed regarding James Stewart during the Cycle News interview with Jeremy Albrecht on the 21st of April  and subsequent article by Kit Palmer do not reflect my or Joe Gibbs Racing's thoughts with respect to James.  My experience with James is he is a responsive communicator, even late at night he always calls me back.  With respect to being at the track, it's often my call on whether a rider is healthy enough to race. I know it's always best for the fans when as many riders as possible are racing, but there are times when it makes sense, especially when a championship is not on the line, to spend a little more time rehabbing an injury so he can come back strong and not risk further injury.  James is a racer and there's no doubt that if it is safe for him to race he will be on the gate.  Anything that was perceived to be negative toward James in the article is regrettable.  We hold James in high regard and I wanted to make our thoughts on the article clear."