Jordon Smith | Three Questions

Words By Emery | Photos by Swanberg

Last Saturday at Hangtown, one rider who certainly had a breakout performance was the number 39 GIECO Honda pilot named Jordon Smith. Entering the second year in his pro career, Smith looks to bring maturity to his already proven speed that he's shown in his rookie season. We grabbed him for three quick questions at Pala to reflect on his season opener and what's to come this summer.

You had a really good weekend at Hangtown. What was it like to show your speed like that and finish in front of a lot of the "favorites" in the class?

It was a really good weekend. Not only did I show people the speed that I have, but also I think I proved to myself that I could do it. I've always known I could run up there with those guys, but until you get a start and all the guys are up there and you do it, it's hard to envision. It's a lot easier to believe now. I felt good to be up there, and I didn't feel out of control or uncomfortable running that pace. I didn't get tired for the whole moto, so that's a plus. Down at MTF this year I got hooked up with a bicycle from Higher Ground Bikes and I've been mountain biking a good bit, I think that's helped out a lot. I just think the work is paying off.

Jordon Smith | Three Questions

Take us through that second moto. Anything to say about the contact between you and Alex Martin?

I didn't get the best start in that second moto, I think I had made my way up to tenth or so before they red flagged it. Shout out to my buddy Stone Edler, he was the rider down that caused the restart, and I hope he's alright. So I definitely got off to a better start on the second one and just tried to run up there again. I was right behind Joey and kind of putting pressure on him a little bit, and then I realized if I got around him I would have control of the overall. That made me a little nervous, well not nervous, but then I rode little tight and then I let Forkner get around me. After that I started riding a little better and it was just unfortunate that Alex and I got together, I'm not gonna say much about that. Yeah, it was just a big confidence booster last weekend.

Jordon Smith | Three Questions

This being your second year outdoors, do you feel better knowing what to expect when you show up to these tracks?

Yeah, definitely. Having an entire year to reflect on all of the tracks and how rough they all get. The tracks are all similar due to how gnarly they prep them and they all just get super rough. It will be better this year to show up and know the corners, and not have to learn all the jumps for the first time. I'm really looking forward to the rest of all the rounds this year!

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