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Josh Grant was one of many heavy hitters enjoying the great wide open track at Pala this Tuesday, so we strolled over to his truck for a quick talk. It turns out that Josh has been damn busy on his week off, but in a good way – him and the family went out to Yosemite on a road trip and he was happy to fill us in with what’s been going on in the world of the Grants…

We're back outside today, Josh. How does it feel?

It feels good to actually get out of second gear! [Laughs] I was telling our buddies that the other day – we really don't get out of second gear except for shifting up to go through the whoops. So it feels good to kind of let the hair out a little bit!

How many days of outdoor testing have you done?

This is my first day riding outdoors. Some of the guys have been riding off and on here and there, but for us timing-wise the team decided this week was the time to start.

And you and the family did a little Yosemite trip on the weekend off, right?

Yeah, honestly we get caught up in so many travel races or whatever that we never really get to go anywhere as a family. It was kind of cool to pack up the motorhome and go visit a place that I've never really been. We travel all the time, but when we travel its to the airport, the track, and the hotel room so we really don't get to see much. It was just fun to load everybody up, see Yosemite, see the waterfalls and all of that stuff. It was super cool, and also a little glimpse of what's in the future after retirement.

Moving forward with Supercross, you're probably ready to wrap these last few rounds up – how has the season been?

Yeah, I think I'm in 11th position in the points. In Oakland I dislocated my thumb and broke it, so I missed that race and Dallas, and then last weekend I had a crash in the heat race that kind of screwed me up. Just a few little mishaps that kind of screwed me up, but other than that I've had some good rides. A couple weeks ago we just got off of a top five in St. Louis. That track had such a sick tunnel jump…

Oh yeah! Before the finish line. Was that fun to hit?

Yeah for sure. It was like a little glimpse of the hills, like a little hip jump.

And with injuries, I think a lot of people don't realize that most riders are always dealing with nagging injuries throughout the season, right?

I mean maybe, except for a guy like Dungey. He's like the only guy that's had a whole career and maybe tore a fingernail or something. [Laughs]

And today is the beginning so do you just focus on laying down a good base setting?

Yeah, I mean today is mostly just getting the flow. I haven't ridden outdoors at all since even before October last year. Wait, no – I had my ankle surgery. So I haven't ridden outdoors since the fourth round or wherever that was. Pennsylvania! It's been a while, so it feels really good to ride some ruts and hit some bumps. Just to switch it up…

And you're balancing the line of still staying sharp in Supercross at the same time, right?

Yeah, I mean we've been doing Supercross for a while now so it's pretty easy to hop back on the track and get a day in before the race weekend. Ride a little the days before we fly out.

Ready to close the season out strong?

Yeah, definitely ready to close it out strong and I just want to come out to the outdoors swinging.

You haven't been this healthy coming into the outdoors in a while, right?

Yeah, the year I rode with Chad's team I got a concussion right before Hangtown, and then came back for a couple races but then the whole thing with the team happened. So I didn't really even race that year. Then last year I didn't even really race, I did the first four rounds and decided to get my ankles fixed. It's just a fresh start, I'm feeling good and my ankles are good. The thumb is all healed.

Sounds like you're in a good spot, thanks for the time Josh.

Thank you.

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