Josh Grant Crash Update

TransWorld Motocross was on hand at MX Heaven in Perris, California, earlier today when JGR Racing’s Josh Grant crashed hard. Grant was killing the whoops all day long, but on this lap, he swapped and lost control at the end of the section and high-sided off his bike at the end. This particular whoop section is followed by a step-up of sorts, and Grant was sent head-and-shoulders first into the incline.

After the crash, Grant was visibly shaken, and in typical fashion, didn’t want to take a precautionary trip to the hospital. Coaxed by his mechanic Alex Ewing and the rest of his friends on hand, Grant agreed and took a trip to the emergency room.

After some X-rays and a complete evaluation, Grant was released a couple hours later with a clean bill of health, save for a broken nose. “He’s gonna be sore,” said Ewing. “But anyone who is friends with Josh knows how tough he is. He says that he is going to still try to race this weekend at Anaheim 1.”

Get well soon, Josh! And we’re glad to hear that you’re okay.