Australian Freestyle sensation Josh Sheehan has been on an absolute roll in recent months, and thanks to his multiple X Games medals and a pair of podium showings at the inaugural Nitro World Games, he is considered by many to be the best FMX rider on the planet right now. We caught up with him just after his runner-up finish in Freestyle MX at Rice Eccles Stadium.
Second overall at the Inaugural Nitro World Games, and fresh off a sweep at X Games. Are you happy with this one or is it a bit of a let down after your success at X?
No, I’m very happy with second place. The most important thing is that we are all leaving this event healthy. I am beyond happy with second-place because this contest hosted a different kind of format and with the tricks that I could do, the double flip is the scariest. There were some tricks that ultimately let down my score. I’m just happy that everything went well because I think I got the best score I could with my tricks. Yeah, I’m absolutely stoked.
It’s odd to hear you say that the double backflip is scary…
That trick scares the hell out of me every time – especially when we are in high altitude. The bikes are a little slower, but I’ve done a few engine mods to get the power back up. It still seems to be lagging a little bit, but after doing so many double-flips I’ve become a pretty good judge of the speed I need to get it around twice. It came around, and I’m glad it’s done.
What did you think of the format with having to submit your run to the judges before you go out and ride?
I thought it was pretty cool. It’s something different! It does make some things a little harder, but the point is to mix it up every once in a while. At least having this kind of format we know what we're in for as far as our final score. No one can really be let down too much with their own run because you can get an idea as to what it’ll be in the end.
What are your thoughts on the Inaugural Nitro World Games?
I was a bit worried earlier about how they were going to pack in all of the contests in such a short time, but everything went perfectly. It was a big hit and the crowd absolutely loved it.
So what’s next for Josh Sheehan?
After my last competition, I’m looking forward to having a few relaxing beverages (laughs), but most importantly to head home for some time off.