Just 1 J12 Mister X Carbon | Product Report

Just 1 “J12 Mister X” Carbon Fiber Helmet  | White Carbon

Price: $449.99

Sizes: XS – XXL

**To commemorate July 2015 being named “Motocross Safety Awareness Month” in LA County, we will end our month with safety-related product reviews. Enjoy!


Just 1 Helmets is a helmet company with roots in Europe and the GP circuit. The company has been a major player in Europe for nearly 3 years, and in 2013 won 6 world championships including 2 at the Motocross of Nations held last fall in Germany. Their J12 helmet line is the first run of products available to US markets. We tested the “Mister X Carbon” and it is one of their feature models.

They recently signed an agreement with NITEK, and below an excerpt from their site details the company’s direction.

“After the successful begin on the worldwide off-road market , in which it achieved relevant goals both in terms of sport than commercial, JUST 1 Helmets signed an important agreement with the American brand NITEK for a successful venture. NITEK, a brand born in Los Angeles, it’s the acronym of “New for Innovative Teknology”. It shares the same philosophy with JUST 1 brand: Style, Innovative Technology and Safety together with the passion for the motosport. This Italian-American partnership will have a common goal: the production of helmets in FULL CARBON, becoming the only two brands in the world to have an entire collection of helmets only made in carbon fibers. The combination of Italian design and the use of aviation technology allow the realization of helmets that combine style and a unique ratio between weight /safety.”

Helmet Details:

-2 sizes external shell full Carbon fiber high rigidity

-Anatomical structure with the exclusive "N.B.F.F." system (Neck Brace Front Fit)

-Removable and washable inner lining, highly breathable fabrics and hygienically treated

-Removable cheek pads with the "J.1.E.R." (JUST 1 Emergency Remove)

-Inside chin guard with air vents

-Protective internal polystyrene foam shell with air channels

-Multiple air vents with anti-intrusion aluminum nets

-Multiple top and rear air extractors

-Adjustable peak with air vents

-Double-D retention system

-Homologated ECE 22/05

-Weight: 1.100gr +/- 50gr

Just 1 J12 Mister X Carbon | Product Report


-This helmet feels light both while holding it and on your head.

-Carbon fiber is always trick, and the incorporation of it into the final design stands out.

-The padding is thick, creating a very comfortable feel.

-Airflow throughout the vents works well, and kept us cool during hot motos.

-Screws to hold the visor on are unique, and prevent from it easily moving.

-The shape of the helmet is both unique and radical, and to some riders this makes it appealing.

-We had no trouble with any goggles fitting into the front of the helmet.

-It is designed to work with a handful of different neck braces, which is a big positive for those who prefer them.

Just 1 J12 Mister X Carbon | Product Report


-Some riders complained of the helmet being tight around the temple, causing some uncomfortable pressure. Head shapes definitely play a part in this, so we recommend trying one on and being sure of size before purchasing.

-After riding in other brand helmets and putting the the Just 1 back on, it seemed a little loud while riding. This could also be a good thing if you prefer to hear more of what is around you. Some test riders didn’t even notice this.

-Some can’t get used to the styling and shape of the front mouthpiece, and this unique look can be put into the “Hits” and “Misses” category as preference on style plays a big part in this.

-Just the same, the screws holding the visor are also listed in the “Hits” and “Misses”, as needing an allen wrench to adjust the visor could be a pain if you aren’t prepared. Adjustment on the fly is not something you will be able to do easily.

Just 1 J12 Mister X Carbon | Product Report


We dig this helmet. A few different test riders have enjoyed riding in the Just 1, and we think the brand certainly has a place in our current market once people start to see them around more. With Blake Baggett riding in the helmet on the National and Supercross circuits, it is sure to have a lot of eyes on it. The helmet is extremely light weight, and we thought that was a highlight. It’s smart that they designed the helmet to work with many neck braces, so riders who choose to wear them will know they will fit nicely. All in all this is a lot of helmet for the price, and a great option next time you are shopping for one.

For more information on Just 1’s products, visit: www.justonehelmets.com