Justin Barcia | Coffee Talk

Catching Up With the Sidelined Racer

We found Barcia hanging with his mechanic Ben Schiermeyer at the Alpinestars #NICEBIKE party.

Photos by Antonovich and Emery

Coming into Anaheim One, rumors of an injury circled around Justin Barcia and the JGR camp, and sure enough a press release came out addressing the matter that week. While attending Alpinestar's #NICEBIKE event last week at James Coffee Co. we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and caught up with the number 51 to see how his recovery has been. Read his official PR on his injury below, followed by our interview…

Barcia’s PR Release January 3rd 2017:

Justin Barcia will miss the opening rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross series due to a wrist injury. Justin had high expectations for the 2017 Supercross season on the JGRMX Suzuki, and is extremely disappointed to miss the start of the series. The injury occurred several weeks ago when a chain failure in the whoops sent Justin over the bars. Justin consulted with his surgeon in Florida, who ordered multiple radiological studies which revealed a fracture of his lunate bone, as well as ligament damage. While it was determined that surgery would not be necessary, the injury requires time off the bike to allow for proper healing. Justin said, "I am so disappointed to have this wrist injury, especially now, but I'm glad that surgery is not necessary". Justin will maintain a rigorous off-bike training protocol to allow him to join the series as soon as he is cleared by his team of doctors. Justin is extremely anxious to compete on the JGRMX Suzuki, but he will have to wait for the appropriate time to make his 2017 debut. Justin will be at Anaheim this weekend for press events and to support JGRMX Suzuki as they kick off the start of another exciting season. He wishes to thank his team, sponsors and all his fans for their support through this time.

So we're here at the Alpinestars #NICEBIKE event at James Coffee Co., drinking some coffee and checking out some bikes. You like coffee right? This is your kind of event!

I love coffee! Yeah, it's cool – this is a really cool place. It's interesting; I've never seen anything like it. There are a lot of bikes – I love the bikes. There are cool people, coffee; it's not too bad!

So you're obviously wishing you were in the mindset to be racing this weekend, but unfortunately your wrist injury prevents that.

Yeah, it's been a struggle a little bit but I've been staying positive and when I come back I know I've got a good bike to race. It's going to be all good, it just definitely frustrating because I was feeling super good on the bike, but I'll be back soon.

Barcia was happy to meet David Kennedy, who owns James Coffee Co. and has also played in bands Angels and Airwaves, Boxcar Racer, among others.

It seemed like you guys took to the transition to Suzuki well, and maybe were even a little sparked by it?

Yeah, for sure. Everyone was excited. A fresh start is always good, and some people kind of talked crap when we went to Europe how we didn't win but we were on a stock bike pretty much just getting our feet wet. It's like, obviously I would have like to win, but I didn't and it was fun and I was ok with it. I just wanted to get used to the bike and I was kind of like, "It is what it is." People were like "Oh, that's how it's going to be in the US!" and I'm like "C'mon, I'm better than that!" But honestly, the bike's been really good and things were going super good luckily, but we just had this little injury happen and it's just a little set back.

What does a dude that can't race do to keep himself busy?

Work out, man! Honestly, I rented a house out here so I'm not going to go back home. I've just been training, I mean I'm doing a lot of PR stuff – I've been doing a bunch of stuff for SCOTT, Alpinestars, a whole bunch of dealership signings, and I'm definitely keeping busy. It's keeping me on the edge for sure; I just want to be racing!

So the fans who think the wrist injury gives you a small vacation, it's actually the opposite.

Yeah, there is no chill. Obviously, there's not a ton of stuff to do but I'm not chilling – I'm keeping super busy and my fitness is really good right now. There are more obligations when I'm not racing, but it's all part of it. Any time I can help my sponsors out I love to in any way I can, they've all been great to me and have stuck with me through the hard times so it's all good.

We hope to see JB51 out there soon…

Any projected date for your return?

Not really, just kind of going day-by-day and week-by-week but it's definitely getting a little better and I'll hopefully be on the bike soon!

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