With this weekend’s Lucas Oils National MX Championship series opener only a few days away, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Josh Grant finds himself in a familiar situation: anxious to ride, and freshly healed from a recent injury. After suffering a broken lower leg at the Dallas Supercross, Grant spent the rest of the Supercross series on the sidelines healing up and preparing for the upcoming Hangtown National. When we asked him is he was prepared, he laughed in typical JG fashion and replied, “It’s not like I forgot how to go fast on a dirt bike.” Here’s the rest of the conversation…

Alright, Josh, you’re back on the bike after suffering a busted leg…

Yeah, things are going okay at the moment. I starting riding again last week after about 10 weeks off of the bike. Honestly, I'm just stoked to be back out on a dirt bike and riding.

What all did you do while you were out?

When you break a lower extremity, it's hard to do really anything that involves movement. I had to use crutches and a little scooter to get around for the first six weeks, so I really couldn’t do much. During the couch time I bought a few pieces of gym equipment to help me stay in shape, but at the same time, it was nothing like riding a dirt bike. Even though it sucks not being at the races, it was good to be able to be at home with the family and watch Wyatt play baseball.

What is it like being a little league dad and soccer dad and all that, in comparison to being racer dad?

It's definitely different, the team sports aspect is really hard for me to get used to. I'm so used to the individual sport of moto, where it's all up to the one person, but now I have to worry about 10 other kids along with mine (laughs). I'm adjusting, though.

And you have to worry about the other parents who think their kid's the best…

Yeah, but who doesn’t think their kid is the best (laughs)? Overall, it's been a cool experience, but I definitely miss being at the races.

Come Hangtown, you'll have three weeks on the bike. Obviously, that's the goal, right?

Hangtown is the goal, but at the same time I'll have less than 10 rides under my belt before that gate drops. We will see how things go as we approach Hangtown, and it is what it is. I still remember how to ride a dirt bike, so that's good (laughs).

The training you did off of your feet – how'd you feel about it…

Well, last week I just started right out of the mix and tried to get the time in. I feel like I can do the motos, it's more of a matter of how my legs are going to hold up.

I had the honor of being the first guy to crash hard in the new Josh Grant replica Shoei Helmet, what are your thoughts on the new Shoei VFX-EVO and M.E.D.S. system?

I haven’t tested it as well as you have (laughs), but I've always trusted Shoei and that's why I've been with them for over 20 years now. I trust their equipment, but luckily I haven’t had to test is like you have (laughs).

We take our product testing seriously at TWMX. lol

Talk about your replica helmet, is the design something that you requested? How does it work coming up with a graphic?

For a lot of the replica helmets that I’ve done in the past, I usually add some personal touches on it or even stuff based off of my tattoos. For the most part, this year’s helmet is integrated with all the helmets and designs we've done in the past. Obviously, Shoei's designers are the ones that come up with the main artwork, I just tell them some of my ideas. Luckily, they've all came out pretty cool.

I think you replica is the best-looking one in the line…

I mean that's the goal, I want it to look good. I'm stoked that my relationship with Shoei has allowed us to keep doing these replica helmets.

How about these boots you’re slipping on? Those are some custom booties…is that for extra ankle support?

Alpinestars designed these, but I don’t know if they were specifically for me because a lot of riders like them. The lace-ups allow the bootie to stay a lot tighter than normal, so they help my ankles quite a bit.

After all the injuries, are your ankles as good as they’ll get?

Since getting them fixed, my ankles are really good. Now, I just have to deal with the bone and plate. After all the injuries I've had, I have never actually had any hardware put in, so it's a little different to adjust to.

Good luck at Hangtown!

Thanks, man!

Josh Grant