Know Your Sponsor? Canard vs. Seely

Cole Seely vs. Trey Canard

Cole Seely vs. Trey Canard

Know Your Sponsor? Canard vs. Seely

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As the official factory riders for Team Honda, how well would you guess that Trey Canard and Cole Seely know their Honda Motor Corporation trivia? We wanted to find out. If you’d like to play along against the two Supercross racers, grab a pen and paper and jot down your answers before you watch this video!

1. Name the founder of Honda.

2. Name three Honda slogans.

3. What was the last year Honda produced the CR250R two-stroke?

4. Name the first rider to race the CRF450R in the United States.

5. What was the name of the first Honda 125cc motocross bike?

6. Who was Honda’s last premier Supercross class champion, and what year did he win?

7. Name three outside sponsors the Honda MX team has had.