KTM Demo Day at Zaca Station

Santa Barbara Motorsports (SBM) will be holding a KTM Demo Day at Zaca Station MX this Saturday, January 22nd, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. (It is highly advised for those interested to contact Randy Hudspeth 805-967-9898 to sign up for this event.)

All interested in test riding a KTM must pay the original gate fee at the front gate. Inform the gate worker that you are there for the KTM Demo Day to test ride a bike, and he will provide you with a wrist band upon payment. All riders testing one of SBM's bikes will be required to wear a wrist band. (There will be no charge for spectators to attend, but they will be required to sign the Release of Liability form at the front gate.) Again, all riders must show proof of gate fee payment to SBM by wearing the wrist band provided.

Additional requirements:

-All riders must be experienced riders.

-All riders must be 18+ yrs. and hold a current/valid California State Driver's License.

-All riders must provide their own gear…at minimum: helmets and boots.

Again, please contact Randy Hudspeth at Santa Barbara Motorsports (805-967-9898) for further questions regarding SBM's KTM Demo Day.

*Please note that it will also be a normal ride day at the track as well, so we at Zaca Station MX encourage everyone to bring their own bike for a full day of riding.*