KTM Factory Services/One Ind. A2 Race Report

The week leading up to Anaheim 2 didn't allow any Supercross practice for many of the riders due to the wet weather and it was expected by all that Saturdays race would have been a very muddy.

Come Saturday the track was looking good leaving Michael and Sean excited and ready for a good night of racing. With changes to the schedule, riders wereborker only given 1 timed practice to qualify into the night show, both boys made it in.

Sean didn't get the best start in his heat. He was sitting mid pack after the first turn, each lap he was able to work his way past another rider were he finished an impressive 5th going straight into the Main Event. Michael almost got the hole shot in his heat, but riding a little to wide, allowed other riders to push him off the track. He tried riding his way through the pack but he didn't have enough time so off to the LCQ for him.

Michael's started out the LCQ with a mid pack start, he worked his way forward but with not enough laps, he was able to finish top 2, which left his sitting very fustrated in the stands watching the rest of the nights racing.

012410ktm_borkenhagenSean had a great 250 main event. Although he didn't get the best start he worked his way up trough the pack and by mid race he was sitting in 12th. He gave it everything he had, and after a couple of mistakes he finished 14th overall.

With the dry weather back, come Monday Michael and Sean will be back out practicing to make San Francisco a good weekend.

Transworld Video Sean Borkenhagen: