Langston/Ferry/Cooper/Coombs/Morais/Blose on DMXS Tonight!

Grant Langston has always been one of our favorite riders and guests, but we wanted to get the Zulu Warrior back on so his fans can get an update on the man underneath the helmet. Grant has been plagued by medical issues concerning his vision for quite some time and we wanted to sidestep the speculation and rumors and hear the latest in his own words.

JGR's Cody Cooper has made a substantial impact on American motocross in his relatively short career over here. After surviving and enduring living with Ben Townley, Cody has found a new home in North Carolina with one of the premiere teams in our sport. Jeremy Albrecht and the gang saw the hard work and determination from Cody that produced some impressive and consistent results that were rewarded with this ride. We will break out our New Zealand decoder ring for his interview tonight.

Our core fans know how important motocross is to DMXS and our detailed mission statement reflects the same. Alright, we really don't have an official mission statement, but we could if we really wanted to, and saving and improving our beloved outdoors would be at the top. Thankfully, the folks at MX Sports and their allies are taking the appropriate steps in that direction with a bold new agenda and planned changes for the future. Davey Coombs will join us to break down the plans for 2009 and beyond.

Factory Kawasaki's Timmy Ferry was a guest on our very first show almost eight years ago and he still returns our phone calls for some reason. Red Dog has a great family, Factory ride, and is a Motocross de Nations hero. I would be remiss if I didn't think we had at least a little something to do with all that. We will discuss in great detail our influence on his incredible career.

Pro-Circuit is the standard in our sport for a reason. Mitch Payton and the team give 100% in everything they do. When a PC ride became available late in the silly-season, there was no shortage of willing riders that would give their left cashew for a shot at that ride. Mitch is well known for being an independent thinker and trends are not what he gauges a decision on. He often looks to the heart and character of a rider more that just raw speed or short-lived results. I was not surprised when he chose Ryan Morais as his rider for those qualities alone. He has proven he has the speed, but he has also shown his character and sportsmanship in the best and worst of times. Ryan is a great fit for that team and will join us with his thoughts on it tonight.

Those Blose brothers are a resilient bunch. After all their respectable results over the years, I wonder why anyone is ever surprised by their speed when they show up to race. Chris Blose was lighting up Vegas until an untimely crash dropped him back, but once again he showed that he belonged there. Chris will give us a summary of his crazy US Open weekend and tell us who would win an all-out fist fight with his brother Michael.

Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST