The first annual Hart and Huntington Las Vegas Privateer Challenge was held today at Boulder City Motocross’ pristine supercross track. With 42 riders and a $10,000 purse, Hart and Huntington set the stage for an event that gave back to the privateers of our sport. In order to enter, though, all riders had to be a privateer that weren’t able to collect a salary for the year. After four heat races and three semi races, Sean Borkenhagen came out swinging on his Mid Cities Kawasaki. After losing a $1000 in the Dash For Cash against Kyle Partridge, Borky was able to lead from almost start to finish in the 15-lap main, and came out on top with $3000.


When the gates dropped for the first race of the day it was Lance Vincent who led the other 11 riders into the first turn. Sean Borkenhagen quickly made his way around the HHR Honda rider, but that wasn’t the last of him. As the laps counted down, Borky started to take some heat from Vincent, but Lance flew off the track and straight into a fence. After that, it was smooth sailing for Borkenhagen. Chris Gosselaar and Jason Potter filled the other top three postions. In the second heat, Tony Gallo rocketed off the line and grabbed a commanding holeshot. Gallo went on to lead the entire race, but the real action was happening behind him. After having a bad start, Gray Davenport worked himself all the way into the number two spot by the end of the race, and he was able to bump Coby Adair into third. Adam Conway grabbed the holeshot in the third heat race, but he was quickly passed by Topher Ingalls and Kyle Partridge. Topher was looking pretty comfortable in first, but Partridge had other plans. The Las Vegas native felt right at home at the Boulder City track, and took the lead away from Ingalls. Austin Haught took the number three spot. As for Conway, he ended up with a DNF. Hunter Hewitt took the win in the last heat race of the day. Hewitt had a bad start but ended up working his way up to first, and he claimed some casualties along the way. The Suzuki rider commented, “I unfortunately hit some people, and they went down. That sucks, but then again, that’s racing. Once I got into second, I put my head down and I started to work on getting the pass. After I got around Tanner Reidman I got too comfortable, and he stayed on my rear wheel. I ended up winning, and I get to compete in the Dash For Cash, and I get to go straight to the main.”


By the time the semi qualifiers started roll around, so did the clouds and the high winds. With only two riders transferring into the main from each semi qualifying race, things started to heat up between riders. In the first semi, Austin Haught and Gared Steinke grabbed the two transferring spots. After suffering from arm pump in his heat race, Lance Vincent came back out and took the win in his semi. Jason Potter took the last transfer. The best racing of the day happened in the third semi. Tanner Reidman was able to grab the holeshot, and it looked like he was going to walk away with the win, but he stalled his bike in a corner. Behind him, though, was an intense battle that was filled with brake checking and corner stuffing. Travis Bannister moved into first after Reidman’s mishap, but Topher Ingalls was all over him after that. Corner after corner, the two exchanged positions numerous times. On the final lap, Ingalls went on to make his move on Bannister before a triple, but the move cost him big time. After coming up short on the landing, Topher hit the ground hard, and he ended up with a DNF.


Once the main was about to start, so did the rain. After some discussion with the track officials, it was decided that 20-lap main would be reduced down to 15 laps. With some serious cash on the line, the 12 riders flew down the straight into the first turn. Just like he did in his heat race, Gallo took the holeshot followed by Vincent and Borkenhagen. As the three started to separate themselves from the pack, Gallo stalled his Honda. Once he got his bike started, Vincent and Borkenhagen took over the top two spots, and he started back in fifth. Lap after lap, Borky kept himself close to Lance, and the Honda rider once again flew off the track. He also DNF’d the race. Once he moved into first, Sean maintained a steady pace and he started to pull away from second place, Kyle Partridge. It wasn’t the end of Gallo, though, as he quickly moved into third place. Gallo closed the gap up on Partridge tremendously, but the Red Seven Honda rider held him off. In the end, Borky took the win in the Privateer Challenge. After the race Sean said, “It felt really good to win like that. I’ve picked it up, and that’s good because I kind of been down on myself. Lately, it feels like I got a breath of fresh air because I went out to Pennsylvania to hang out with my buddy, Darryn Durham. He kind of brought that energy back into me. I’ve missed him! I’ve been out here in California riding by myself, and it’s not the same. The whole day went really well, and it felt like everything was clicking. This has been a huge confidence booster for me, and I feel way better about my riding. I feel amped again!” As for the $3000, Borky added, “I might check out the Bodies Museum at the Luxor. We’ve been wanting to do that, but we didn’t have enough money. Other than that, I’m going to put it towards my riding, and it will help me get prepared for Anaheim 1.”


1. Sean Borkenhagen (Kaw)

2. Kyle Partridge (Hon)

3. Tony Gallo (Hon)

4. Hunter Hewitt (Suz)

5. Travis Bannister (Suz)

6. Coby Adair (Kaw)

7. Jason Potter (Hon)

8. Austin Haught (Hon)

9. Gared Steinke (Yam)

10. Landen Powell (KTM)

11. Tanner Reidman (Hon)

12. Lance Vincent (Hon)

Dash For Cash

_s2f8264The first place finishers from each heat race got entered into the Dash For Cash. The four riders competed for $1000 in the four lap race. When the gate dropped, the race turned into a huge stuffing session. Borkenhagen took the holeshot over the other three riders followed by Partridge, Hewitt, and Gallo. On the second lap, Partridge found a corner to park Borky, and he took over first. At the same time, Gallo stuffed Hewitt, and he took over third. At the end, Borkenhagen was unable to catch Partridge, and Kyle became $1000 richer. After the race Kyle commented that he’s not a dirty rider, but he was racing for a $1000.