Last Call for Sponsors for the WRA 2008 Outdoor Nationals Program

The Warthog Racing Academy (formerly Wonder Warthog Racing) has put together another stellar program for the AMA outdoor National series.

We are looking for any sponsors that may want to sign on and join the team!!

As you probably know, we have the largest team in Supercross/Motocross history. We support up to 14 riders at time on the track. We also have the largest footprint in the pits with our 80x20ft tent as well as our 80ft $1.5m transporter and the attached 60ft canopy.

We are looking for a sponsors ranging from $5k for associate sponsors up to a co-title sponsorship, which is priced at $50k.

Our program will consist of the following:

Here are the details of our program:

Ø We are taking the big rig to all the outdoor events with a team of six to eight riders.

Ø We will park the rig in the pits with the 60ft canopy coming off the rig. Under the canopy, we will house the six to eight riders. Our rig is a total of 80ft plus the 15ft lift gate

Ø We will then take our 80x20ft tent up to the vending area of the National facility.

Ø The tent is planned to be configured as follows:
o We will setup our hospitality for the riders and other guests in the back 10ft of the 80x20ft tent.
o In the front 10ft of the 80x20ft tent, we will have the following:
§ A 40ft product display area called the Mall. The display will feature products from our sponsors
· Some of the sponsors may want to do the following:
o Hand out catalogs, stickers, and other promotional items
o Sell products such as t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise that is co-branded with the Warthog.
§ Another 40ft area dedicated to a laptop computer company, to display and promote their gaming computers as well as an energy drink company (yet to be selected) that will have a large promotion for their product line.
· We will invite fans to come play games on the laptop computers.
· We don’t plan on handing out energy drinks to the masses but will serve the energy drinks to our guests in the hospitality area.

As far as the race team, we have the following rider line-up (tentative and subject to change):

Motocross Class:
Ø Ben Coisy (currently a factory Honda rider)
Ø Heath Voss (former SX World Champion and top ten rider for years)
Ø Jeff Alessi (well known name and an excellent rider)
Ø Ryan Mills (has won a national moto within the last couple of years)
Ø Chris Blose (currently 8th in points for West Coast Lites)
Ø Tyler Bright (17 years old who has already made several 450 main events)
Ø Kevin Rookstool (a young kid with a lot of potential – qualified 10th at Glen Helen last year in the 450 class)

Motocross Lites
Ø Mike McDade (amateur superstar with a lot of potential)

Plus 2 riders yet to be named

It will be a powerhouse team and we think we can expect many top 10 finishes with an outside chancee at a few top 5s.

We will have massive Motocross media support:

· Transworld Motocross will be one of our media partners. They are guarantying us substantial magazine and on-line coverage during the course of the season, including highlighting our sponsors on a weekly basis.

· Also, Racer X has committed the following (per the email from Davey Coombs):

Dear Scott,

What Racer X would like to commit to is producing one WWR program a week on Racer X Films and that would feature a rider or sponsor involved in the program. The Racer X Motocross Show on was a smash hit last summer, and we plan on expanding this year with daily features. The coverage would be available for free online, as well as archived on YouTube and the Racer X MySpace page. They would be filmed at the racetrack and include exclusive footage from the weekend events. For a sample of the quality and production value, check out any of the rider films at

Thanks and good luck!

As far as sponsor recognition, we will put a large sponsor logo in our rig wrap and have sponsor logos on all our bikes. We will also mention the help in supporting of the sport through our programs in all media interactions, which are extensive.

We have many other new facets of our program that will provide tremendous sponsorship value and I’d be happy to talk with you about those points of value.

Please feel free to call me at 213 268-2659 or e-mail me at if you have an interest in discussing our program further.