Light Rider | World’s First 3D Printed Motorcycle

Aircraft grade aluminum, electric motor

APWorks, a division of Airbus, has created the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle and dubbed it the “Light Rider.” The aerospace group turned their attention from rockets to road-ready motorcycles, and used their thousands of thin layers of their proprietary Scalmalloy® aluminum material to make an incredibly lightweight (77 lbs) and creative chassis design for the machine. A small electric motor powers the creation (top speed is claimed to be 50 mph, with an impressive acceleration time), while Rock Shock suspension components soak up everything that the road may throw at a rider. A few hundred models will be for sale, with an asking price of $56,000. 


No, none of that really matters to the motocross world. Hell, people are still a bit leery of the off-road ready electric bike that Alta is ready to produce. But it’s very cool to know that the cutting-edge technology has a purpose in moto. Pro Circuit has used rapid prototypes to make their air boxes for the Kawasaki KX250F bikes earlier this year, so it’s just a matter of time until this is more common place.