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Just before the 2015 MXGP of USA at Glen Helen Raceway a few months ago, we were visited by  Jean-Paul Maas. While fans in the United States may not know his name or work, the Dutch filmmaker has created a number of successful projects in Europe, including the original Living For The Weekend and Tony Cairoli: The Movie. During our brief talk, Maas explained his latest venture to us, one that has the fans involved in choosing the cast.

We started in 2013 with our first movie, Living For The Weekend. It was the fundament of making movies instead of just short three to five minutes clips for motocross related companies, not ninety minutes. In 2013 we released the first movie and it was only shown in Belgium and the Netherlands, with only Belgian and Dutch riders involved. We filled the cinemas pretty good and had some success with the first project, although it was not the quality we represent at this point.

After that we got an opportunity to do a movie with eight-time World Champion Antonio Cairoli and that worked out well. We went from just two countries to nine countries and showed the movie at cinemas in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium. Those are very FIM involved countries and have World Championship influence. If I could have had it in cinemas for the US, I would have done it because the experience in the cinema can never be beaten by a DVD.

We have two projects behind us and are willing to do more. The quality was really high on the Cairoli project compared to the first Living For The Weekend, but the first movie had a very big fan base because it had a variety of riders.

The new Living For The Weekend movie will have six riders involved, and we don't really look at them for the season but we try to portray them with their personality. Normally at the races you see the rider in their gear, maybe his face, and maybe hear his voice on the podium. But for the most part, it stays quiet on the surface and it does not show his life or why he is living for the weekend. That's the main subject.

This will have six lines with ten riders per line, and each line represents the six brands of motorcycles. So there will be a line for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, and Husqvarna. They will be represented in the movie with one rider for each brand, which is chosen by the fans.

For the new movie we are working with Mike Neale from Wales. He already does a lot of work for Monster Energy and Honda, so he will be filming everywhere.

We will start filming in December of 2015 with the new gear, bikes, and helmets. The looks will be ready for most riders in the USA, but for the Europeans it takes a little bit of time because the season starts later. I would like to give people a brand new product, not something with old images or footage.

It could be anyone and I think that's why it's nice to have the people involved. When you're one of the six riders chosen, it means you're very popular and good for your resume. It says something about you, because normally filmmakers just chose the riders and go ahead, but we want to involve the fans. Once the riders are chosen, fans can enter questions that they want to know from the riders.

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