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Ten Motocross Safety Tips
For Parents & Riders

1. NEVER let your child who rides a 50cc, 65cc or 85cc on the track with bigger bikes (No matter how good you think they are).
2. If you are a NOVICE rider on a 125cc, 250cc or 450cc – NEVER ride a track at the same time as faster, more experienced A & B level riders.
3. DEMAND that your local track owner split practices as follows:

– A & B Big Bike Riders 15-20 Minutes
– C&D (Novice) Big Bike Riders 15-20 Minutes
– Supermini & advanced 85 cc Riders 15-20 Minutes
– 65cc & 85cc riders 15-20 Minutes
– 50cc Riders 15-20 Minutes (if no kids track is available)

4. ENCOURAGE your local track owners to hire flaggers for every practice they hold. Even if this costs you an extra $ 10.00 per day (money well spent).
5. NEVER ride a dusty track. If your vision is impaired so is the vision of all of the other riders. Ask the track supervisor to water the track.
6. PARTICIPATE don’t spectate. If you are not riding, volunteer to flag. Every extra set of eyes on the track protects other riders.
7. NEVER ride over your head. You can’t become a better rider in 1 day. Riding beyond your skill level only endangers you and others around you.
8. SAFETY GEAR is crucial. At a minimum you should always have a good helmet, goggles, boots, knee pads and gloves. If you can afford it invest in a Snell approved helmet and a neck brace. A good set of knee braces will help prevent ACL injuries before they happen.
9. GET INVOLVED! If you ride or your kids ride it only benefits you to get involved. Don’t be afraid to tell someone else to get their kids off the track if there are bigger bikes out there. If the track has issues tell the track owner, ASAP. If they don’t like it, too bad! One day they will thank you for it.
10. PRINT this list and hand it out to other riders & parents at the track. It will be your good deed for the day. Who knows, you might prevent an accident before it happens.

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