The big LL saga continued today with record-breaking temps that cracked the 100-degree mark. While such sweltering conditions might slow down the average rider, the reason these particular racers are held in the overwhelming heat of Tennessee is because these guys and gals are the best of the best.  A little heat doesn’t slow these men and women down one bit (well, except for this author/rider). After two days of racing, all of the classes have completed at least one of their motos, with some classes that have already completed their second motos. In Junior Plus 25 action, Robbie Reynard has already claimed the first two moto wins with former class champion James Evans only a few steps behind.

Other that went of today were the Supermini 1 and 450 A classes. In Supermini 1 (12-15), Cooper Webb took the victory over Vermont’s Dakota Alix, while expected front runner Adam Cianciarulo fell on the first lap and was forced to make his way back up to seventh at the finish. In 450A competition, Austin Howell and Jason Anderson faced off in the mid-day heat. While Howell blasted off with the holeshot, Anderson was not far behind and was shortly on the Rocktstar Suzuki rider’s tail. For a few short laps Anderson stalked Howell before taking over the lead and never looking back.