Maintenance Between Motos With Chris Loredo

Maintenance Between Motos With Chris Loredo

With live television coverage and a condensed program, mechanics on the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship have a limited time to get bikes ready between motos. From the moment the machine comes off of the track the wrench conducts a quick wash, then preps the bike for another run on the track in roughly forty-five minutes time. When you add in the scorching hot engine, possibility of broken components, varied weather, and settings changes, it makes their hurried duties even more impressive.

Between motos at the 2014 Unadilla MX we watched as Chris Loredo, mechanic to Jason Anderson at Rockstar Energy Racing KTM, conducted his routine and even repaired the front brake issues that plagued Anderson in the first moto with plenty of time to spare before heading back to the staging area. How much time did “C-Lo” have left? Enough to film a quick Pit Pass video on the importance of maintenance between motos.

While some of the steps (particularly data acquisition) will be overkill for the average racer, many things Loredo discusses should be checked before taking to the track for every moto. Checking tire or fork pressure, spoke tension, and the secureness of all nuts and bolts takes only a few moments, and could prevent major issues from occurring on the track.

Loredo’s repair to the brake system was aided by a complete stocked tractor trailer, but we strongly suggest a container containing spare parts, including handlebars, levers, and even plastics, should have a place in your personal hauler. And to keep your engine running its best, we recommend taking a oil air filter for dusty days at the track.

Your body requires just as much maintenance between motos, and these tips from Ryan Fedorow and Doc G will help keep you going at the track…

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Maintenance Between Motos With Chris Loredo