Since I’ve started working at TransWorld Motocross, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in numerous video shoots. All of them have been fun, but what I’m about to embark on today is a shoot that will be truly remarkable and one that I’ll never forget. What makes this shoot so special is the fact that Matt Wadsworth has been blind since birth, and he’ll be attempting to jump 100 feet on his dirt bike at Competitive Edge in Hesperia, California. Matt has been preparing for months leading up to this day by training with his motorcycle coach, Micky Dymond, and by practicing yoga to help him stay balanced on his bike. I, for one, couldn’t imagine jumping blind even off of a five foot jump, and the thought of jumping 100 feet seems unfathomable, but it doesn’t to Wadsworth because “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Disabilities may hinder a person’s life, but they will never stop you from accomplishing your goals. It goes without saying that I’m pumped that I get to be part of this today, and I can’t wait to see Matt fly into the record books.

To learn more about Matt’s jump, head on over to, and check out this video.