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Stew's SEVEN setup

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A few weeks back we spent a few minutes in the lounge of the Racing rig with Roger Larsen and Malcolm Stewart for a quick rundown of the gear worn by the popular 450 class rider. At first, we planned on just putting down the details like sizes and styles worn, but the back and forth banter between the two friends was worthy of a full transcription.

Shoei VFX-W
Size | Extra-Large

Roger Larsen: "It's been that way ever since he got the hair."

Malcolm Stewart: "Before that, I was a medium, so I went two sizes up."

RL: "We modify the visor. On the stock Shoei it will only go up so far, so we made a bracket. It's an Oakley Airbrake lens that is cut and gets a hole for the screw. That way he can move it back more. A few colorways on the helmet are stock with accent stickers for his name and others are full paint by apdesigns."

Oakley Airbrake

RL: "We don't do anything for the goggles with extra foam or maxi pads. He runs a clear lens with laminated tear offs."

MS: "That's not true, we do run a maxi pad."

RL: "There isn't a maxi pad on your goggles. Go and look."

MS: "Really?"

Seven MX Zero/Rival/Annex
Size | Extra Large

MS: "I like the compression one the most. It makes me look buff [laughs]."

RL: "In a conventional jersey like the Rival or Annex, he could run a regular large. We don't sublimate anything because it's just his name, number, and one sponsor logo. I don't like to sublimate it because it looks like you just grabbed it off the shelf, but a heat transfer looks custom."

MS: "I don't run a chest protector underneath."

RL: "He just takes it [laughs]."

Seven MX Annex
Size | Large

RL: "He wears a large."

MS: "You sure? Because that one day you gave me a youth large."

RL: "It wouldn't even fit on his fingers [laughs]."

Seven MX Zero/Rival/Annex
Size | 34

RL: "We don't add patches or anything to them. He runs them as they come off the rack."

KNEE Brace
Ortema K Com
Size | Custom

MS: "I have four sets that we keep in rotation. I met them in Europe, at Geneva two or three years ago. They wanted me to try them on and the took a mold of my leg."

RL: "They are really good about servicing them, as long as I can get them shipped in time."

MS: "If we ever have an issue, they'll ship me a brand-new set out while they fix the other one."

RL: "They've been really good and we always have a spare set on the truck."

MS: "I wouldn't switch."

Gaerne SG12
Size | 10

RL: "James loves them super worn in."

MS: "I run them out of the box. The good thing about Gaerne is that they break in really fast."

Midway through our talk, Adam Enticknap came into the trailer to present Stewart with his Lit Kit award for the matching mint green riding gear and bike graphics from Daytona.

Adam Enticknap: "What was the deal with the kit last week? Was is purposely set up to all match or did you just decide to run it that weekend?"

RL: "We matched it up with the bike."

AE: "What about those boots? Can people by those or are they custom?"

RL: "Those are custom. Only Malcolm and Boogie (James) have them.”

MS: "Hell yeah!"

RL: "I'll tell Gaerne about the colors that we will do and see if they can make a custom set to match. And they're cool about. They have them to us in a few months."