Man and Machine’s Transformx Now Official Moto Ergonomic Endurance System of MTF

Rob Hill of Man and Machine. “I am really happy to be working with MTF a motocross training facility that understands and supports the role that MOTO specific fitness plays in making future MX champs. Paul, Clint and I have been working on some really exciting and groundbreaking stuff for Motocross training. The Millsaps facility is state of the art and riders are traveling from all over the world to experience the finest in MX training”

Man and Machine’s Transformx Endurance Systems are Moto specific tools for improving strength, balance, endurance and speed. Now all MTF riders will have access to Transformx Endurance while at Millsaps Training Facility.

MTF Fitness Director, Clint Friesen, says the Transformx bars have helped riders with specific strength training exercises, “the bars are great because they demand the exact strength requirements the riders need during a moto.” I am excited about the opportunity to associate with Transformx.”


Rob Hill, man and machine

Paul Bevan-Thomas, MTF Program Coordinator