Marvin Musquin on a KTM 150SX.

Marvin Musquin took our 2014 KTM 150SX test bike for a spin at the late, great Pala Raceway.

Flashback Friday | Marvin Musquin On Our KTM 150SX

To see a RAW edit of Marvin Musquin on our KTM 150SX, click here!

Last year, we took delivery of a shiny new 2014 KTM 150SX and couldn’t wait to get it to the track. Coincidentally, our buddy Marvin Musquin had a free day, so we asked him to put it through its paces for us. Naturally, we slapped our GoPro Hero3+ beneath the visor of his Airoh helmet, and the footage we got was ridiculous! This video was originally posted in November 2013,  but it’s definitely deserving of a repost. Turn up the volume and enjoy!