Marvin Musquin | Sophomore Year

Checking In With The Frenchman


Entering his sophomore year in the premier class, Marvin Musquin is looking faster than ever, and with a bit of momentum on his side thanks to some offseason wins the Red Bull KTM rider is a class favorite amongst the stacked field of racers. After just missing out on a career first main event win in 2016, you can expect to see Marv knocking on the door for wins again come 2017.

We're about a month out from Anaheim One, so how's everything been going as you prepare for 2017?
Everything's been going good. I've had a very busy offseason with three races in a row over in Germany. I got third at SMX, another third at Monster Energy Cup and then I won the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. There was still a lot of training in between those races because I obviously have to stay in shape, so there were no breaks in my schedule after outdoors. I really only got in one full week of boot camp before heading to France for another offseason race, then I came home to a few more weeks of boot camp. After the Geneva SX, I finally made it back to Florida one more time.

You, like many other racers, had a not-so-offseason this year…
Yeah, hardly an offseason. I have a couple of weekends to spend at home, but we'll be getting right back into it come January.

Now that the Geneva SX has ended, you're be back home in Florida all through December?
Right! I'll spend the rest of December in Florida finishing off our boot camp before coming back here to California for the West Coast SX rounds.


Ryan Dungey and yourself have a new teammate this year in Trey Canard. Have you spent much time with your new KTM counterpart?
Yeah, a little bit. The first few weeks we spent together were here in California. Everything has been good, and Trey is a really nice guy. Trey is doing his thing and working hard, so it’s been very easy to welcome him to the team.

Trey is no newcomer to the premier class, so do you believe he can bring something to the table for the rest of the team?
Yeah, absolutely. Like you said, he’s been racing for a long time here in the US and he’s the type of guy that knows exactly what he’s doing. He has a lot of experience, but I know that switching teams is a big change for him. In a sense, he has to almost learn from us in order to get acquainted with the bike.

Your 2017 race bike is pretty similar to the previous model, as the machine went through no major changes. Have you made any further adjustments to your new bike from last year’s bike?
No, there were really no changes. Especially like the changes we made back in 2016 from the 2015-2016 upgrade. Will still have basically the same bike save for a few minor details.


You’ve encountered some success at these off-season races. Are you feeling pretty confident going into round one in January?
Yeah! At the same time though, you have to remember that these are just off-season races; not everyone attends those races. I’m already seeing huge improvements in Ryan’s progress on and off the bike, and that can be attributed to Aldon’s boot camp. I’m really looking forward to bringing more confidence to Supercross.

Once Anaheim rolls around, where do you envision yourself at the end of the night?
I see myself on the podium. That would be a good start to the year for me because Anaheim is always filled with nerves. The first five rounds of Supercross are so unique in their own ways, and everyone’s ready to go, so it always takes a few weeks for people to settle in and get comfortable.