Matt Bisceglia | Familiar Territory

Checking In With The Texas Native


Throughout the 2016 season, Matt Bisceglia had his fair share of ups and downs. After starting the season with Mad Racing/Dirt Candy/Suzuki, Bisceglia enjoyed a career best third place finish at the Toronto Supercross, however just a few weeks later it was announced that he and the team had come to an agreement to go their separate ways. Shortly after the split, Yoshimura Suzuki hired the 250 class free-agent to fill-in for the injured James Stewart in the ever-competitive 450 class, and Bisceglia rose to the occasion by finishing in 8th overall. Bisceglia went on to log several top ten finishes in the premier class, and it all worked out for the good, as he now has a deal on the table for 2017. The news hasn’t officially been released yet, but you can expect to hear something possibly within the next few days.

You’re back in Southern California after five weeks back home in Texas, and it looks like you’re on a new bike. What’s going on?
Yeah, I got back about two weeks ago. After the last round in Indiana, I headed back home, and it was nice because I got to see my friends and family. It was a nice way for me to recharge my batteries so to speak. Just like every year, 2016 was a long season, so it was nice to get away for a while, but now I’m just finalizing all of my deals for 2017. We’re really close, as we have a deal on the table, so once we’re finished revising a few things within the contract it’ll be ready for my signature. I’m really excited for everything that’s come about lately, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the press release regarding myself and the team. I haven’t ridden much since I returned to California, so my main objective right now is to get comfortable on the bike before we begin testing.

Are you planning on attending any overseas races?
No, we haven’t planned on anything. I’d like to one year, but as of right now it’s just not possible. We are getting a bit of a late start, so we need every chance we can get for testing. My main focus is the racing here in America. Maybe it’ll be in the cards next year though.


So will you be riding a 250 again next year?
Yeah, I’ll be back on a 250 for 2017.

Do you know if you’ll be lining up for the East Coast or West Coast yet?
Just like most teams, we haven’t really gone over that yet. It’s a little too early to cross that bridge, right now. Either Coast has its pros and cons, but I think I’ll have more time to get ready for the East Coast Championship. When it comes to traveling though, the West Coast is definitely a lot easier. If myself and the bike are ready along with everything else, then I will be completely fine racing the West Coast Championship. Time will tell, and we just have to take this day by day. Ultimately though, we’re preparing to line up for Anaheim One.


From the sounds of it you’ll more than likely be riding a bike that you’re familiar with already. Even though you’re running slightly behind, that has to work to your advantage, right? This way you don’t have to get used to an entirely new machine.
Yeah, absolutely. This whole thing is going to be a really good deal, and I’ll be working with people that I’m already comfortable with along with a few new faces. I’m really excited to get all of this going, and I am beyond happy with the people that I’ll be working with. I can’t wait for everyone to find out! Hopefully sooner than later I’ll be able to spill the beans (laughs).

You’ve been a 250 rider for a few years now, but last year you spent some time on a 450 throughout the national circuit. Going from a 450 to a 250, do you think that will make for an easier transition as opposed to moving up to the bigger bike?
I really don’t see this becoming an obstacle for me. It’s just another dirt bike. I think it’s a little silly when people use the excuse, “I can’t switch back-and-forth between bikes.” It’s really not that big of a deal. After about a week or so anyone can get used to anything, and for everyone reading this, I’m out here on a bone stock 250F. It makes things a little difficult, but I’m still getting it done! Plus, my practice bike will feel like a rocket ship once I get my hands on it.