Matt Dowell Update

Matt suffered a head injury at Glen Helen on Sunday May 4 and is being
treated at Loma Linda University Medical Center. He continues to be
treated in ICU although he is in a lower level of ICU than when he was
initially admitted. Matt does wake up and does respond to his family at
times. His injury is quite severe but his doctors and family are keeping
a positive outlook. His young age and great physical conditioning will
help with his recovery.

He is still not allowed to have visitors outside of his immediate
family. The doctors want to keep any kind of outside stimulation to his
brain at a minimum to all allow for the healing to progress.

Please keep your eGreetings to the hospital website, the cards and all
your positive thoughts and prayers coming. All of these things mean a
lot to both Matt and his family.

Here is the website to send an electronic message to Matt and his
family. Matt is in ICU 8300 Room 7