MDK KTM Race Report: Budds Creek

Mechanicsville, MD – The MDK KTM Factory Teams earned four top ten overall finishes at the seventh round of the AMA National Motocross Championships.

MDK KTM Factory Lites rider, Martin Davalos, scored the team’s best finish of the day with his 10-3 results which slated him 4th overall. Davalos and his teammate, Ryan Sipes, have both been on the gas the last two rounds of the series consistently scoring top ten finishes.

Davalos had a good start in moto one, but unfortunately ran off the track a couple laps into the race. He lost approximately five positions but was able to work his way up into 10th which is where he would finish. Sipes had a better start and inched closer to the top five with a 6th place finish in moto one. Justin Brayton, who has been nursing an injured ankle all season, managed to work his way up from the bottom of the pack to finish a solid 15th. The fourth Lites team member, Matt Goerke, was running up front early in moto one until a collision with another rider put him out of the running on lap 3.

In Lites moto two, Brayton almost nailed the holeshot in his best start of the season. His teammates were not far behind with Davalos 5th, Sipes 6th and Goerke in 13th. Sipes got around Davalos, but Davalos stayed close. Meanwhile, Goerke had moved into 9th while Brayton struggled to keep his lap times consistent and had slipped back to 11th. Soon Brayton had moved back into the top ten and now all four MDK KTM Lites riders were within the top ten. Sipes and Davalos caught Metcalfe and begin to close in on him. In the midst of the battle Sipes fell and lost two positions. Davalos caught and passed Metcalfe and took over 3rd. On lap 14, Goerke was forced to pull off while running in 8th due to a bike problem. Davalos would top his best moto finish of the year earning third in the final moto. Sipes recovered from his crash to finish 7th and Brayton earned 8th; his best moto finish of the year. As stated above, Davalos took home 4th place honors, Sipes grabbed 6th and Brayton earned 10th overall.

In Motocross moto one, Wey got a decent start rounding the first turn in 7th. His teammate, Billy Laninovich, in only his third week back, almost grabbed the holeshot, but settled for 2nd. Wey continued to battle up front in the scorching hot weather and rough track until the moto end where he finished 8th. Laninovich had an early moto crash, charging his way from 37th to 21st.

Motocross moto two, showed Wey with a much better start this time in 4th position. He made a mistake after the start which dropped him back to 6th where he stayed for the next few laps. He was passed by Jeff Alessi on lap seven, which caused Wey to pick up the pace for what would become the best battle of the second Motocross moto. After the pass, Wey closed back in on Alessi while a second behind them Jimmy Albertson was quickly approaching. The three riders battled for five laps until Wey finally shot himself in front of Alessi like a bullet from a gun to make the pass stick. Wey jumped ahead with Alessi and Albertson in tow. Wey finished the moto in 7th. His 8-7 results were good enough for 7th overall. Laninovich came from a very poor start in the bottom twenties to finish 18th.

Next Event: Round 8 Unadilla – New Berlin, NY – July 19-20, 2008

Motocross Lites Overall Results:
1) Ryan Villopoto (1,1)
2) Ryan Dungey (3,2)
3) Bret Metcalfe (5,4)
4) Martin Davalos (10,3)

5) Kyle Cunningham (7,5)
6) Ryan Sipes (6,7)
7) Nico Izzi (8,6)
8) Trey Canard (2,30)
9) Jake Weimer (4,19)
10) Justin Brayton (15,8)

Overall Motocross Lites Points:
1) Ryan Villopoto – 341
2) Ryan Dungey – 238
3) Bret Metcalfe – 198
4) Jake Weimer – 187
5) Nico Izzi – 154
6) Austin Stroupe – 152
7) Trey Canard – 149
8) Ryan Sipes – 130
9) Jason Lawrence – 120
10) Dan Reardon – 116

Motocross Class Overall Results:
1) James Stewart (1,1)
2) Tim Ferry (2,2)
3) Andrew Short (3,3)
4) Josh Hill (4,6)
5) Michael Byrne (7,4)
6) Cody Cooper (5,5)
7) Nick Wey (8,7)
8) Jimmy Albertson (11,8)
9) Jeff Alessi (9,10)
10) Paul Carpenter (14,9)

Overall Motocross Class Points:
1) James Stewart – 350
2) Tim Ferry – 245
3) Andrew Short – 221
4) Mike Alessi – 221
5) Davi Millsaps – 203
6) Michael Byrne – 198
7) Nick Wey – 162
8) Jeff Alessi – 143
9) Cody Cooper – 134
10) Josh Hill – 123