MDK KTM’s Martin Davalos Takes Third in Dallas

Dallas, TX – MDK KTM Factory rider Martin Davalos picked up another podium position at the Dallas Supercross.

Davalos rode exceptionally well in the main event earning third place overall for the night, however, his night didn’t start off as great beginning with a crash in his heat race. He was not able to finish his heat and used the last chance qualifier to gain a spot on the main starting grid. Despite his difficulty qualifying, he certainly proved he had a right to be in the main event when he got up front early putting his KTM on the podium for the third time in a row.

MDK KTM Lites Team rider Matt Goerke qualified third in his heat and had an easy transfer to the main. In the main he stayed smooth and consistent and finished a solid 9th place overall. His teammate, Ryan Sipes, wasn’t as fortunate and crashed hard when he over jumped the step on-step off in his heat. In the last chance qualifier he got pushed off the track while trying to pass a slower rider and by the time he got going again he wasn’t able to move into qualifying position. Although he didn’t make the main, he still sits 6th in overall points.

MDK KTM Factory rider Nick Wey, who had his best finish of the season last weekend, had difficulty qualifying into the main event. He eventually used a provisional to earn a spot on the main event line up. When the gate dropped he came around the first turn in 16th and struggled to pick up positions on the fast paced track. When the checkered flag dropped he had moved his way up into 14th for the night and now sits 10th in overall points.

Next Event: Detroit Supercross – April 12, 2008

Overall Results – Supercross Class:
1. C. Reed
2. J. Hill
3. D. Millsaps
4. K. Windham
5. T. Ferry
6. A. Short
7. C. Summey
8. P. Carpenter
9. T. Adams
10. T. Preston
11. N. Ramsey
12. H. Voss
13. J. Thomas
14. N. Wey – KTM
15. E. Sorby
16. D. Klatt
17. A. Balbi
18. J. Gibson
19. B. Johnson
20. K. Johnson
21. T. Hahn

Overall Series Points – Supercross Class:
1. C. Reed – 287
2. K. Windham – 260
3. A. Short – 205
4. D. Millsaps – 204
5. J. Hill – 173
6. T. Ferry – 167
7. N. Ramsey – 147
8. D. Vuillemin – 123
9. P. Carpenter – 120
10. N. Wey – 117

Overall Results- Supercross Lites Class:
1. R. Villopoto
2. J. Grant
3. M. Davalos – KTM
4. T. Canard
5. T. Bowers
6. R. Morias
7. N. Izzi
8. B. Jesseman
9. M. Goerke – KTM
10. B. Payne

Overall Series Points – Supercross Lites Class:
1. T. Canard – 111
2. R. Villopoto – 94
3. M. Davalos – 73
4. J. Grant – 69
5. N. Izzi – 68
6. R. Sipes – 67
7. T. Bowers – 61
8. B. Coisy – 53
9. B. Payne – 53
10. B. Jesseman – 522
11. R. Morias – 46
12. M. Goerke – 34