Newbury Park, CA.  As Anaheim I is Now Only Days Away, the 2009 AMA Monster Energy Supercross Season is Upon Us.  The MDK Motorsports/Warthog Racing Academy (WRA) has Solidified its 2009 Rider Roster and Sponsor/Partner Program to Maximize Results and Impact the Standings Beyond what Would Generally be Considered.

Anaheim I will see eleven riders taking their places under MDK/WRA canopy and tent.  These riders are as follows:

Supercross Class

Heath Voss – Honda #13
Tyler Bowers – Honda  #911
Antonio Balbi – Honda #37
Sean Collier – Honda #207
Manu Rivas – Kawasaki #921
Tiger Lacey – Honda #221
Vince Friese – Honda #719

West Coast Lites

Mike Horban – Yamaha #143
Rhett Urseth – Kawasaki #727
Deven Raper – Kawasaki #447
Mitch Rask –  Honda #177

The team has also made its selection for the East Coast Lites contingent:

East Coast Lites

Clayton Miller  – Honda #147
Logan Martin – Honda #566
Jacob Saylor – Yamaha
Ryan Mills  – Honda

And finally, the team has already committed to one rider to help him with his outdoor Nationals program.  He hails from Sweden and is a multi-time Motocross of Nations participant. MDK/WRA will help him live his dream to race the US AMA National series before he retires.

Jonny Linde –  KTM

Our team's mission is to help deserving privateer racers live their dreams.  We've been living this vision since 2003.  Our program – The Warthog Racing Academy — provides the riders motorcycle transportation, pit set-up, mechanics, who work through the unique Motorcycle Mechanics Institute Internship program, gas, food, water, hospitality, and rider marketing and promotion, as well as the opportunity for riders to "graduate" to better resourced teams at any time during the season.  The individual riders are responsible for their own motorcycles, race entry fees, and travel expenses.

Also new the 2009 season is the Warthog Racing Supercross Complex with two SX tracks on it.  We have built exact replicas of the 2009 Anaheim 1 and Atlanta tracks to give the privateers the real world experience they need to compete.  It is located on the Honolulu Hills Raceway property located near Bakersfield, CA.  It is part of an awe-inspiring 2100 acre riding park.  It is open year round to all AMA SX endorsed privateers at no cost – it's not just for our MDK/WRA riders, it's to help all the participants of the sport in an area that is sorely needed.

Finally, we have created an affiliate program that links like-minded teams together in an initiative we call the Warthog Nation.  These teams are all working to support the goals of Warthog Racing – to support the privateer through creative programs and to make Supercross/Motocross the standard by which all Motorsports are measured.  Our first member team of the Warthog Nation is the new elite MotoConcepts/MDK Speed Honda team featuring our recent graduate from the Warthog Racing Academy Jeff Alessi as well as Frenchman Ben Coisy, Australian Daniel McCoy, and Cole Siebler.  Also joining the Warthog Nation for 2009 is the always popular Fire and Police MX team featuring Carlos Gonzalez and Justin Keeney.  And finally, our lifetime charter member of the Warthog Nation is the former Supercross World Champion Heath Voss, who will be representing MasterCraft Boats whilst spreading the gospel of the Warthog Nation.

This season would not be possible without our committed and actively engaged sponsor/partner group.  For 2009, we have teamed up with the following entities:

MDK Motorsports – Title Sponsor.  Sells all 5 brands Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and KTM.

MDK Speed – Preferred WRA Performance Products.  Nice Guys, and Great Engines!!

DeCal Works – Supplier of All Graphics including Bike Graphics to the Team.  They are the "Original" in an Industry that is Chalk Full of Imitators/

Smooth Industries – Designed the Wrap for the Team's Semi, Team Pit Shirts, and Team T-Shirts. Smooth is also the Warthog Racing Merchandising Brain Trust as well as the Largest Manufacturer of MX Accessory Products for Kids.

Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) – Provides Mechanics to the Team as Interns.  These Mechanics are Available to All Team Riders.  MMI Supplies the Team with Mechanics that Represent the Top-of-the-Class.   Many MMI Interns Have been Placed on Factory Teams Based on their Performance During the Warthog Racing/MMI Internship.

P-LoK – The Bike Fastening System to Hold the Bikes in the Upper Deck of the Semi.  MDK/WRA is able to Fasten 18 Bikes in the Upper Deck using the P-Lok system.

MotoConcepts – Provide the MotoPads that the Bikes Sit on in the Pits.   They do a Nice Job of Cleaning up the Pit Appearance and Providing a Solid Platform to Work From.

Transworld Motocross – The Team's media Partner, Transworld will be Publicizing the Plight of the Privateers and The Progress they Make within the structure of The Warthog Racing Academy

Vanquish MX – The Team's Official Street Wear Clothing Sponsor.

DT1 Air Filters – Provides Top Quality Air Filters to All the Riders on the Team. – Builds the Team's Website.  The sites can be seen at or

Devol Engineering – Provides Top Quality Performance and Protection Products for Off-road Motorcycles

Liquid Performance – Liquid Performance Provides Products to the Team Including Radiator Fluid, Chain Lube, Bike Wash, Brake Cleaner, and Plastic Polishing Products.

CP Pistons – Pistons are Available to the Team's Riders.

VP Fuel – VP Provides Race Fuel to the Team at 50% Off Retail.

Dunlop – Tires are Available to the Team's riders.

The Plumber Inc. – America's Greatest Plumbing Company, Located in Las Vegas, NV.

MB2 Raceway – Has Two Indoor Karting Tracks – One in Sylmar, CA and one in Thousand Oaks, CA – They are Super Fun to Race

Edgile Consulting – Microsoft's #1 Implementer of Microsoft Security Solutions on the West Coast

Feld Motor Sports – The Series Promoter.  If it wasn't for the Support of Feld Motor Sports, Our Privateer Support Program Would have a Much Tougher Roe to How

MX Sports – MX Sports Supports Our Effort for the Outdoor Nationals.  Without Their Generosity, It Would be Hard for WRA to Compete Outdoors.

Dana K Business Parks – Dana K. Is the Quintessential Benefactor.  He's Helped so Many Kids over the Years the We've Lost Count.  Thank God There are People Like Dana K.

The Whitaker Wellness Institute – Provides Alternative Medicine and Health and Wellness Services to the Team.  Radical Approaches are Just What is Needed.

Atlantic Promotions – Home to Our Outstanding Business Manager, Alison Turner.  Alison Rules!!

NXTAgency – Our Agency that Helps Bring in Pay Sponsors/Partners.  Great Guys, All of Them, Todd, Gregg, Otto and the Rest of the Gang.

Relentless Media – Our PR Firm Led By Jamie Allen.  Jamie is Hardcore Moto, Highly Recommended.

MotoTees – When We Need to Get Team Shirts and T-Shirts Done in Record Time, We Turn to John Ayers and His Team at GearRaceWear.  Excellent Prices and Turnaround Times.

RacerX Illustrated – The Magazine That Started the Privateer Revolution.  Davey Coombs is Single-handedly Responsible for the Creation of Wonder Warthog Racing Back in 2003.   Kudos to You Davey!!

Dirt Rider Magazine – Pete Petersen is the Privateer's Best Friend.  He's Always Looking for a New Angle on the Struggle of the Privateer to Write On.

Honolulu Hills Raceway – The two Supercross Tracks on the Honolulu Hills Raceway Property.  We have A1 and Atlanta 1 Built for the Privateers to Cut Their Teeth On.

L&M Racing – A Very Generous Team that Helped Make Us Solvent for 2009.

Fire and Police MX – An Affiliate Team that Believes in Many of the Same Philosophies We do

With this fine group, anything is possible.  And special thanks to Feld Motor Sports.  Because of their full support, dozens of privateers get the opportunity to live their dreams.

Take care and we'll see you at the races!!


About MDK Motorsports and MDK Speed Equipment:

MDK Motorsports, LLC and MDK Speed Equipment, LLC are privately held companies and part of the MDK brand family of motocross related products and services. With 30 years of experience in Aerospace Engineering and a passion for high performance 4-stroke motocross bikes, MDK Speed Equipment delivers technology and products that have not been previously available to the general public.

AS 9003 aerospace manufacturing protocols are used, along with countless hours of dyno, flow bench, and track testing to enable MDK SE to provide products and services that deliver great performance and durability.  MDK Motorsports and MDK Speed Equipment are located in San Jose, California. For more information go to or

About MotoConcepts:
MotoConcepts is a Pacific Northwest Manufacturer of innovative and unique Motorsports accessories designed for the professional and recreational rider.  MotoConcepts is proud to partner with top motocross companies like MDK Speed, Warthog Racing, Smooth Industries, and DeCal Works to help support the MCRMX team.  For more information visit

About Smooth Industries:

Smooth Industries LLC is the leader in Officially Licensed Motocross apparel and accessories using images and the likeness of the sports biggest names including Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham, Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Rockstar Makita Suzuki and more. It is our goal to provide quality motocross themed products for fans of all ages, giving them fresh and innovative designs to express their passion for not only their favorite riders and teams but the sport itself in hopes of continuing to aid in the overall growth of the sport of motocross. For more information, please visit our website at

About Warthog Racing:

Warthog Racing (WR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross.  WR is comprised of two distinct entities: the not for profit Warthog Racing Academy, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at supporting the privateers; and  Warthog Enterprises (WE), which focuses on merchandise and entertainment products. The WR website is at

About Synergy Racing Technologies:

Synergy Racing Technologies is a group of sponsors and individuals whose mission is to: conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at supporting the Privateers thus helping to progress the sport we love. SRT is focused on providing their riders with the best platform to succeed while making optimal use of race team resources to maximize sponsorship value.

Synergy Racing Technologies would like to acknowledge the continued support of its partners:  Warthog Racing, MDK Motorsprts, MDk Speed, MotoConcepts, P-LoK, DeCal Works, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Smooth Industries,, Vanquish MX,, Pivot Works/Hotcams, MotoTees, L&M Racing, Honolulu Hills Raceway, .  Special thanks to Feld Motor Sports, MX Sports, and the AMA for supporting our vision.  Each of these great companies shares a common belief — supporting programs aimed at helping to progress the sport we love. Synergy Racing Technologies welcomes you to “Support those that support the Sport!”