Mike Metzger announces the release of his new artistic apparel line, Metzger Brand!

Temecula, CA: Mike Metzger A.K.A “The Godfather of Freestyle Motocross”, now 32 years old, has accomplished many things that most people would say are impossible to do on a motorcycle. After 28 years of riding dirt bikes, Mike has become an icon amongst his peers, as well as to many devoted fans throughout the world.

Now in a new chapter of his life, Metzger has announced today the release of his new artistic apparel line labeled Metzger Brand Inc. “This is a natural extension of my passion as an artist” says Metzger, President. “It’s been a blast to see years of my art journals and paintings transformed into apparel and I think people will appreciate the unique designs that we are producing”.

Jake Ashcraft and Brandon Roberts, owners of Side Creative are the operational force behind this new venture. Jake Ashcraft, appointed CEO and Brandon Roberts, appointed CFO, will be handling the day to day operations and correspondence of the company. With their unique talents combined with Mike’s artistic ability and marketability assures the brand to be the next big thing. “This is an exciting project to be involved with!” says Roberts, CFO. “The apparel industry is a passion of mine and through the planning phase I’ve seen the true possibilities that await us as a brand”.

The marketing strategy of Metzger Brand Inc. is centered on creating a unique brand identity which clearly defines the focus of the company. By embracing Mike’s past, and promoting his future, we expect sales to increase at an exponential rate and continue to grow. The initial line is composed of T-shirts, hats and accessories with plans for denim and custom cut and sew garments. The “canvas series line” takes a unique approach by producing high quality garments featuring full print t-shirts based on Mike’s canvas paintings is in the works and is expected to be released mid-summer 2008. These one of a kind hand painted designs, high quality garments, and unique embellishing processes will ensure the success of the brand. “The responses that we have seen from Mike’s fans have been tremendous” says Ashcraft, CEO. “This will be a long road to success but the solid plan that we have developed will land us as a household brand worldwide”

To see the current collection visit www.metzgerbrand.com