Milestone Rainy Day Special & New Online Store

Milestone MX now has an online store and a new and convenient way for you to save money!

Purchase a 5 for 4 Daily Ride Pass and save an additional 10% off your online order. That is 5 daily passes for just $90 or only $18 per visit, for a limited time.

We are also starting a new promotion called our Rainy Day Promotion. Save an additional $5 off your online purchases when we are closed due to rain with coupon code ‘RAIN’.

That’s right, 5 daily passes for just $85!!!

We know you rather be riding, but the sun will shine again at Milestone MX, so be ready and save some money today.

Here is how:

1) Click on the link below

ORDER NOW (this link is not available on our website yet)

2) Click on New… User Sign Up
3) Select “Is this your first time?” and type your First and Last Name
4) Once your name shows up, click “This is me” and follow instruction to validate your account.

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours to validate your account. We have to make sure that your online account gets linked up to your existing membership.

If you have any questions, please send them to

These offers are only good for online orders. 5 for 4’s purchased online are non-transferable between members. Credits will be posted to your account and you can check your remaining credits online.

Valid membership required to ride. Must be used within 12 months of first use.