Millennium Technologies Enters 17th Year of Service In The Powersports Industry

Millennium Technologies Enters 17th Year Of Service In The Powersports Industry

Millennium Technologies has been the leader in cylinder replating in the powersports industry for the majority of years since their inception. Utilizing Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) plating techniques, Millennium has consistently ensured that their plating is the hardest and smoothest plating in the industry, allowing for higher performance output through lower piston friction and better durability. Millennium Technologies has also gained their reputation by providing services for a wide array of sponsored motocross, supercross, snowmobile, and watercraft racers and teams.

Entering their 17th year of business, what once was a small 3-4 room shop with 10 employees has now expanded to a large multi-warehouse facility which now operates four branches of business extension, including Revolution Performance, X-Port CNC, and Forward Motion with over 70 full-time employees. This expansion has allowed Millennium to develop their brand and services into new ventures like dirt bike engine rebuilding, cylinder head repair, crankshaft repair, and parts supplying, as well as enter new niches such as manufacturing aftermarket products for Harley Davidson and Buell motorcycles.

With these new extensions into broader fields of parts and services to the powersports industry, Millennium Technologies has designated themselves as the literal one-stop shop for engine rebuild and repair.