Millsaps, Albrecht, Weigandt, and more on DMXS Radio Tonight

JGR's Jeremy Albrecht is well-respected in the pits for a good reason. He has spent his entire career pouring everything he has into sport and is always striving to better his team and those around him. J-Bone leads by example and we're certain that they will be more than ready in 2013. We've been covering the sport throughout his long tenure and climb to team manager and make no apologies for always pulling for our longtime friend.

Davi Millsaps basically just tolerates us even though we've been bugging him to be on our show since he was on mini-bikes. I'm pretty sure he keeps changing his number to avoid us, but he should know by now that we always find him. It's always fun catching up with our native southern brother and we'll get the latest as he prepares for the next chapter of his career on a new team.

Jason Weigandt will be on to help repair some of the international damage his uncle is responsible for regarding the upcoming Motocross des Nations. Lord Alfred Weigandt has taken things a bit too far this year with some outlandish rhetoric.

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Cobra motorcycles is used to racking up amateur titles every year, but they made history at Loretta Lynn's this summer with their first-ever 65cc class championship and the first by an American motorcycle manufacturer! Their roster of riders continues to impress and we'll catch up with Sean Hilbert and see what this dominant mini-bike company has planned for 2013 and beyond.

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