Davi Millsaps and Wil Hahn | Behind the Scenes

Volume 16, Issue 2—also known as the February 2015 copy—of TransWorld Motocross was quite the historical landmark for our publication. It has been 15 fun, hard working years since TWMX has been around, and to celebrate such an achievement, our very talented art director, Shane Kinman, created a whole new look for our readers to enjoy. The redesign was plenty enough to celebrate such an accomplishment, but we couldn’t help ourselves and we went one step further by creating one of the most dramatic, abstract covers to date, all with the help from our friends at GoPro.

TransWorld Motocross – February 2015 cover with Davi Millsaps

As the sun set over the hills of Corona, California, we hooked up our cover boy Davi Millsaps with a barrage of GoPro mounts and accessories, as well as the new GoPro Hero 4, and had him perform some classic turndown-style whips over a sea of Christmas lights and road flares. By capturing the images at a slow shutter speed, we were able to produce photos that contained captivating colors, light streaks, blurs, and everything in between. The end product is what you now see on the newsstands. Completely abstract and out-of-the-box.

To give you a glimpse as to what went down that day for the February 2015 cover shoot, as well as the feature on Monster Energy Kawasaki on page 60 with Wil Hahn, we present you with this little behind the scenes teaser of all the chaos that went into making such a cover possible.

Davi Millsaps and Wil Hahn | Behind the Scenes


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