Millsaps/Townley/Wey/Chisholm/Maddison/Weege/Ronny Mac on DMXS Tonight!

DMXS Radio is back with a vengeance for a special 2009 Monster Energy Supercross Season Preview Show.

It seems like every rider would like to hit the reset button on one of their less fortunate seasons and that is certainly what Factory Red Bull Honda's Ben Townley did in 2008. BT is healthy and ready to prove why he is still one of the top riders in our sport. He has a great sense of humor and is fast becoming one of our favorite guests. That is until he gets bored and hangs up on us again.

Riding out of the same rig is Factory Red Bull Honda's Davi Millsaps. The Duke showed flashes of brilliance last year with two wins and several podiums and will look to build on that with a healthy, stacked field in 2009.

San Manuel Yamaha has received a ton of media lately for the recent signing of James Stewart. While that is big news, we are also very excited for their other rider, Kyle Chisholm. We might be a little biased since we have followed and watched our southern neighbor come up through the amateur ranks for several years, but he has earned this shot at the big time. Kyle is a great kid with the heart of a lion and those that don't know him soon will.

Red Bull's Robbie Maddison never seems to take it easy during the holiday season. Last year he set a new world record while jumping a freaking football field on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. The Aussie will top that as he plans to jump his bike more than 120 feet high and land on top of the 96-foot-high replica Arc de Triomphe in front of the Paris hotel in Vegas. After making it on top, he will change his pants and then free-fall more than 50 feet below to a landing ramp. The jump will again be seen live on ESPN immediately following the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on New Year's Eve. Maddo will join us tonight with an update on how in the hell you train for something like that.

Monster Energy / YOT's Nick Wey had a ton of changes over the last several months and his DMXS faithful have been begging for an update from the Michigan Mafia rider. Tricky will fill us in on his new team as he looks forward to battling for podiums again with a fresh start in the new year.

Jason Weigandt is supposed to be on but the last several text messages have been ignored. I was told by “his people” that Jason is very busy training his voice and body for the upcoming season and is isolated in a snow-covered barn in the former Soviet Union like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV. His motto for 2009 is, “I must break you!”

I have heard about the “Legend of Ronny Mac” from Trey Canard, Jimmy Alberston, and Brett Cue. He shows up in a modified open face helmet with a bandana concealing his true identity and pounds out laps with times equivalent or better than the pros. We will get to the bottom of Ronny Mac and his story with our outstanding, award-winning journalistic skills. We will see if he is the real deal.

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Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST