Jett Reynolds
Age: 13
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Classes raced: Supermini 1, Supermini 2, Supermini 3
Sponsors: Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki, Alpinestars, Bell, Renthal, Maxima.

By Megan Maeda

Kawasaki Team Green’s Jett Reynolds was the star of the 2017¬†TransWorld Mini Major, as the 13-year-old swept every championship he contested and nearly won every moto he lined up for. Exceptional corner speed seemed to be his key to success, as there were multiple times that he entered turn one without the holeshot, but would emerge with the lead. We caught up with Jett shortly after he wrapped up the Supermini 1 championship and secured the January 2018 cover of TransWorld Motocross…

Jett, congratulations on winning the Supermini 1 title! If not for a crash in moto one you could've swept all the races…is the championship still as sweet?
Yeah, I had a little bit of a crash in the first moto, I came from last to fourth which was alright. Hopefully, I go 1-1-1 in the Supermini 3 class, which I still have the third moto for.

How excited are you about winning the January cover of Transworld Motocross?
Yes, I'm pretty pumped on that! I didn't know coming into this race I was gonna do this…be this dominant. But it came out to be that way and that’s really good. Last year I had the speed to win, but I had a lot of bike problems, so I didn't achieve that.

Have you ever been on a magazine cover before?
Yeah, I've on Moto Playground Magazine before, but nothing like Transworld Motocross!

What do you think of the Mini Major, a race just for kids?
It's pretty cool, and I am having a lot of fun. I kinda wish they did the race somewhere else, like Oatfield. Since there are no bikes to make the track rough, this track this weekend at Milestone is super high speed. Today's track is really good, though, and the weather is really nice. I hear that it’s raining at Glen Helen which is not too far away.

How has the rest of the weekend gone for you?
The rest of the weekend has gone very good, and I’ve gotten a lot of moto wins. Last night, I won the Serpentine Pit Bike Championship by Seven MX. It was a lot of fun and the trophy for it was awesome! All in all, this year at the Mini Major has been great.