Mini Major Racer Profile

Isaac Waddington

Age: 8

Hometown: Queen Creek, Arizona

Classes Raced: 50 Beginner/Advanced

Sponsors: Five18 Designs, 2X Motorsports, PAX

Bike: Cobra 50

Isaac Waddington traveled to SoCal from his home in Queen Creek, Arizona, and is enjoying his first visit to the TransWorld MX Mini Major, presented by Seven MX. A former high-level BMX racer, Isaac has switched to motocross and has no plans of turning back.

Is this your first Mini Major?

Pretty much yeah, I didn't come last year. It's a really cool race because it's only kids.

What made you come all the way out to California to race the Mini Major?

We came because we thought it would be good since we've been coming out here the past couple of weeks for riding. The tracks here are cooler than in Arizona.

Have you done a regular TransWorld Race Series race before?

No, it if they are like this I definitely want to.

What do you think of the Mini Major, pretty cool?

Yeah! I like the track and I like the jumps. And it feels like the track is made just for minis. I also like all the blue tower things around the track. And the big blue building is cool to stand on and watch.

How long have you been racing?

For a year now. I've been riding longer than that, though.

What made you start riding?

My dad just put me in it because I stopped doing BMX. I raced BMX for a long time but motocross is cooler.

Oh! Were you a pretty good BMXer?

Yeah, I was the State Champion in Arizona for my age group!

How do you like motocross compared to BMX?

I like the dirt bike because it's got the motor and you don't have to work as hard, for a BMX bike you have to work hard and pedal.

Do your friends all know you ride dirt bikes? Do your friends that don't ride dirt bikes think you're super cool because you're a motocross guy? Do you wear your jersey to school?

Yeah all my friends think I'm cool. And no, we have uniforms that we have to wear to school, but on jersey day I wear my jersey and the kids think it's super cool.

Who is your favorite racer?

Probably Ryan Villopoto, I watched the SwapMoto Live when he was on the show.

Why do you like Villopoto?

He does very good in Supercross and he works hard.

What do you think about this Ronnie Mac guy?

Um, I think he's cool. I like his stunts. I like his helmet.

You finished fifth in your first moto here right?

No, I got fourth in my first moto and then got fifth in my second. It was a good battle.

How far do you want to take this motocross thing? Are you doing it for fun or are you hoping to be like Ryan Villopoto?

I'm hoping I'll be like Ryan Villopoto.

Motocross takes a lot of work. Training and dedication, are you ready to do that?

Yeah!!! I am.

What kind of things do you like to do besides ride dirt bikes?

Play around with my friends, ride my bike on the street, and jump ramps. No video games because my mom doesn't let me play them. Video games are for weenies.

What is your favorite subject in school? Do you like to read? Favorite book?

My favorite thing in school is writing. I like to write essays. Goosebumps books are my favorite.

Tell me about your Cobra, is it tricked out? What kind of parts do you have on it or is it stock?

Kind of a little bit, but we went to the shop the day before yesterday to fix it. For parts, probably PAX Racing stuff. They don't sponsor me, they just give us stuff.